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My first RW site is up! Media theme with Stacks

HartworksHartworks Posts: 30Members
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Thanks to a lot of help from people here, I just put up my first RW site. I'm using RW 5, just bought it earlier this month, and Stacks 2.

About the trickiest thing I did was on the homepage, where I used a grid with the images and names of my topics, and a Joe Workman plugin called Links to make the images and links both go to the category pages.

It's at



  • RW NewbieRW Newbie Posts: 125Members
    edited 11:04PM
    I Gotta Lose Weight too!

    Cool site, love ThemeFlood's "Media" theme. Nice informative website you have there.

    Love the carrot favicon...

    Nice job.
  • HartworksHartworks Posts: 30Members
    edited 11:04PM
    Thanks! It was a wordpress site that had been hacked and I am happy to be on RW. Not having blog software is perfect for this site, which I want to have a more timeless feel. I've got other sites that will use blog software.

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