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Internet Explorer line-height issue

quoyiquoyi Posts: 14Members
edited March 2012 in HTML, CSS, and Design Help
I've wrapped several Cartloom code snippets in a div (one form on each line). IE is spacing each line too far apart. I'm assuming it's because of the elements in the lines of text (eg the drop-down boxes) but from what I've read IE 8 & 9 shouldn't suffer from this problem (don't care about IE 7 compatibility). I've tried to solve this for a couple of hours now with a variety of code. Running short of ideas... and hair.

Internet Explorer - not so good.jpg
377 x 195 - 20K
Firefox - perfect.jpg
298 x 108 - 14K
OS 10.6.8 | RW 5.2.2 | Stacks 2.0.6


  • seyDoggyseyDoggy Kitchener, Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,080Developers
    A link would be ideal. Then we can see some code for ourselves.
    Adam Merrifield - seydesign.com themes and stacks
  • quoyiquoyi Posts: 14Members
    edited March 2012
    Hi Adam,

    Here's that link:
    Name: me
    Password: admin

    Stack on the right is the Cartloom code in the div. Stack on the left is the code unaltered and not wrapped in the div. I put it there just to test that the div wasn't adding to the problem.

    OS 10.6.8 | RW 5.2.2 | Stacks 2.0.6
  • quoyiquoyi Posts: 14Members
    Any help with this would be great. It's my first website and this is (I'm pretty sure) the last hurdle!
    OS 10.6.8 | RW 5.2.2 | Stacks 2.0.6
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