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El Dorado Lightbox is here

shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
edited April 2012 in Announcements

Two weeks ago I posted a demo of a new lightbox stack and started a "Name the stack" contest in the "Stacks Chat" board. The name I selected was submitted by chaka and diglam and they each won a license to MotionComposer for their entry.

I invite you to read more about this awesome new, highly customizable lightbox stack for use in Stacks 2.0 +. You can see it here

~El Presidente


  • axeleraxeler Posts: 169Members
    Hi El Presidente

    A golden stack, just bought it!
  • hansvanbruggehansvanbrugge Posts: 198Members
    Very nice stack. Instant buy !!!
  • PeterFuhrenPeterFuhren Riemst, BelgiumPosts: 4Members
    Very nice stack!
    Downloaded, installed and using it on the site I'm building at this moment.

    Already used El Sexy-O, this one is even better. Thanks to El Presidente!

  • SmileySmiley Posts: 122Members
    niceee stacks

    instant buy
    Learning and enjoying weaving

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  • LucasLucas São Paulo, BrazilPosts: 189Members
    Nice Brian, I like it! One of the most beautiful and functional lightboxes around.
  • bmanbman Fort Worth, TXPosts: 917Members
    Brian has definitely given us a golden stack - very nice.

    I would highly recommend it.

    Congrats Brian!

    Bill (the info guy)
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  • JohnJJohnJ cyberSpacePosts: 545Members
    I love this Stack! It really adds some great features to the lightbox. Really great Stack Brian.
    progress.gif Still working on it...
  • llangpiercellangpierce Irvine, CAPosts: 86Members
    I love this stack! It's easy and well supported! Thank you so much!

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    ><((((º> ·...><((((º>

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  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
    Glad that people are liking this stack...... the feedback I've received offline is great! :-)

    You've got about a day left to take advantage of the launch discount price.



  • LazarovDesignLazarovDesign AustraliaPosts: 665Members

    It's so good to see your comeback with such a lovely stack. It become my fav lightbox instantaneously.
  • flowermflowerm Posts: 61Members
    I grabbed the El Dorado stack right away and I gave it a run this morning, using it to display several YouTube and (one) Vimeo videos for students in my just-begun seminar. The El Dorado stack was of course easy to incorporate into the page and setting up the videos took only a few minutes--I simply followed the instructions in the manual Brian has provided on the El Dorado product page. If you'd like to see how it turned out, give this page a look: http://www.honors-politicoscientific.michael-flower.com/syllabus/readings.html . The video links are in the paragraph at the top of the page.

    My thanks to Brian for yet another useful addition to my El Presidente toolbox.

  • ManiMani United States of America / AustriaPosts: 203Members
    Great work!


    I think the world would be a much happier and safer place without IE ...

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  • JadeJade OregonPosts: 51Members
    Amazing! Great work!!!
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  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,256Members
    Great stack, Brian! It's really fun to work with the El Dorado stack ... almost addictive. If you'd like to see how it turned out, give this page a look (click on the links in the sidebar) or this one (the images).

  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
    I have made a few enhancements to the stack. It is now available as V 1.1.0. All owners should be able to access the newest version via Sparkle right inside of RW!

    Improvements include:
    * Fixed calculation of the size on iOS.
    * Added better events on iOS.
    * Increased background opacity range to 99%


  • SmileySmiley Posts: 122Members
    Seems el dorado stack stop working?? Can anyone confirm this?
    Also went to the elstacko site using ios, the lightbox effect not showing up instead, its just open the image.. El presidente need your confirmation and fix on this...
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  • ColorwaveColorwave A rock in the middle of the Pacific OceanPosts: 1,487Members, Moderators
    I'm sure Brian will be along shortly with an official word and fix, but I'm guessing that it was a victim, along with a few other stacks, of a recent update to jQuery, the javascript library that is called by Stacks. It's beyond the control of individual developers to change which version is served to visitors (Google serves it up, I believe), so when this sort of thing breaks a stack, the stack needs to be altered to deal with the new code. We all know that Brian is a swift and responsive problem solver, so I would expect this to be a brief inconvenience. Have you sent him a support ticket yet?
  • SmileySmiley Posts: 122Members
    Already sent the ticker, and for those having same issue, brian currently working on it.. :)
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  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
    Recently JQuery was upgraded from Version 1.7 to version 1.8. This broke El Dorado and a number of other stacks from other developers.

    Let me give you a bit of background…. Stacks is designed to insert the latest version of JQuery from the cloud every time your page loads. Since it now loads version 1.8 instead of version 1.7, it rendered El Dorado"dead in the water"

    I have made the necessary changes to get it working agin but this requires that you install the latest version (1.3.0) and republish any page containing El Dorado.

    I emailed all purchasers with a link to a download but you can also grab it through a Sparkle update within Stacks

    Contact me if you need more information.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • SmileySmiley Posts: 122Members
    Superb support, thanks el presidente...
    Learning and enjoying weaving

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  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
    The "fix" you received yesterday got the lightbox working again with the new version of JQuery. However, a small bug crept into the code and the lightbox would not display the Next and Previous buttons on some themes. This has now been corrected. You need to download, reinstall the stack again and republish affected pages (same instructions as yesterday).

    An email with this announcement went out to all buyers

    I think we're good to go now!

  • neilcovertneilcovert Posts: 108Members
    Is this stack "responsive?" Will it re-size in a responsive theme as you shrink the browser window?


  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members

    It is responsive but not the way you described. The images shown in the lightbox will never be shown larger than the real estate available to accommodate them. The stack will size things "down" as required but never make them larger than the original image.

    So if you have a screen too small to view an image at its original size, the image size will be reduced when the lightbox is launched. "Launched" is the key word..... If you launch an image with your browser at 100% size and resize it while the image is displayed, it will not resize. However, if you resize the browser and then launch the lightbox, it will resize as necessary.


  • ColorwaveColorwave A rock in the middle of the Pacific OceanPosts: 1,487Members, Moderators
    That seems like an important distinction you make, Brian. I think we often test things on a larger monitor and then shrink the browser window to see what happens, but in practice that is almost never something a visitor will do. The way that El Dorado behaves is all anybody needs, in most any circumstance. As the mobile marketshare continues to grow, and design for it comes of age, I think those type of details will be more what we are looking for than "hey, look how cool this is the way this content flows when you drag the window" type responsive design.
  • neilcovertneilcovert Posts: 108Members
    Thanks Brian and Ron.

  • dhiddingdhidding Suwanee, GAPosts: 1,232Members
    Thanks for the excellent explanation Brian - I for one had no idea that Stacks inserts the latest version of JQuery every time a page loads. Very good to know. Thanks, too, for the explanation of launching vs. resizing. I agree totally with Ron - in virtually all cases, a person is going to launch it large or small - and won't be resizing. So - El Dorado is an awesome (and oh so easy to use) lightbox solution.


  • skaicaptainskaicaptain Hamburg, GermanyPosts: 1,068Members
    @Brian thanks for the jquery/stacks info! is this the case with every stack that uses jquery? what is the exact link stacks uses to get the jquery code?
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  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members
    edited September 2012
    the code look something like this:
    < script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.1/jquery.min.js">< /script>

    This particular bit is hosted by Google: This particular code will call for version 1.8.1.

    If the code instead said "1.8" instead of "1.8.1", it would load the latest 1.8 version (like 1.8.2, 1.8.3, etc.)

    Similarly. If the code said only "1" instead of "1.8.1", it would load the very latest version in the 1 series... like 1.8.2, 1.9.1, etc (BTW, 1.8.1 is the most recent as of today)

    If the stack uses the JQuery provided by Stacks, I believe Isaiah uses the very latest available code

    The stack developer can opt not to have Stacks insert the code... he can manually add the call for the script into the individual stack. The upside to having Stacks add the code is that it is added only once and can support a large number of JQuery stacks on a single page. If every stack called for its own JQuery, you could have numerous (and possibly competing) versions.

    clear as mud?


  • skaicaptainskaicaptain Hamburg, GermanyPosts: 1,068Members
    @shukapaw I feel enlightened now ;) thanks a million! kai.
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  • michelangelomichelangelo ItalyPosts: 226Members
    very nice stack El President
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