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As a bit of a newbie (still after a year), I wondering if it will be simpler and cleaner (with less chance of something going wrong) to simply upgrade my themes (forget trying to back up and save and insert my old theme settings into the new framework) and start over and make new sites?

Can I open my old sites (even though they might not be pretty) and copy paste text from the old to new site? Or should I first copy paste all my text into a Text Edit file and then as I rebuild copy / paste my text from that into the new site?

I am pretty organized so my files are in good shape to do this either way. I really don't want to deal with bugs or things caused by one little thing not working quite right cause I forgot or did not know to do something crucial. Does this make sense or am I just being paranoid?


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    I'm not sure what you mean by " upgrade my themes". Are you talking about 3rd party themes which have been re-issued with a higher version number? Some developer issue new themes which overwrite the existing theme. Others issue entirely new, stand-alone themes so that you end up with multiple versions of the theme in your theme drawer.

    In the first instance, upgrading will leave you with basically the same project that you started with (unless you made internal modifications to the theme). The second instance will require you to recreate all of your style selections (but there is a way around that too)

    Is this what you were asking about?

    If you do opt to transfer content from on project to another, you can copy and use the "paste as plain text" option to insure you don't bring over any unwanted formatting, etc.

    hope this helps a bit,


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    Yes I am talking about 3rd party themes and yes it will totally overwrite my older theme. And yes your comments (particularly the paste as plain text comment) do help! and especially in view of the new Stacks update that Isaiah just released, cause I am one of those people with the missing images problem. I was dreading dealing with both an update and missing images. But now I am feeling more courageous and will forge ahead.

    The Bodachs - illustration by my dad - Rodney C. Mackay
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