Is there a way to avoid the 31 characters limit of the Download page?

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I have a music site where I want the visitor to be able to download individual songs. So I set up a Download page, but when I try to add a song with have a long file name, Rapidweaver tells me that there is a 31 characters limit for compatibility reason. Is there any way to cir convene that since I don't want to truncate the name?




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    I think the easiest thing to do would be to simply 'truncate' the file name. I'd rather spend time on shortening the name then having browsers that give my site visitors an ugly message or not even be able to download the file (etc).

    What I do with a lot of my files, instead of spelling out "stackmaniac" i'll just use "sm_file1.pdf" etc.
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    Thanks for your reply Aaron!

    If possible, I'd like to not truncate the file name. Let me explain why (I should have done it in my first post).

    This is a music site. If the song is downloaded and then put in iTunes or any other music browser, the name that will appear will be truncated, which is not good when you want people to remember the song's name, not the truncated name. Some songs have long file name.

    And one thing that does not help me is the added informations embedded in the file name. Here is an example : S3001 Name of the song 120414, where before the name is the track number and the session number, and after, the recording date. With that kind of file naming, there are only 15 left

    15 or 14 characters are not many. I have a song that is called TIME OF OUR LIFE and it's one character too long. I truncated it and it resulted in 04 S203 TIME_LIFE 120328. Sounds familiar, like a magazine... Nope, not nice.

    And there are many like this one. And the fact is, for the purpose of sameness between the real song's tittle and the one appearing in a browser, I don't want to give a song a file name that is restricted by software.

    That's why I want to have a solution other than the one you have suggested. Thanks for sharing your thought, I would have done it if that was not so central to the meaning.

    Is there a way to keep a downloadable file name intact without risking problems for visitors?

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    Hi, I totally agree with Ivan. I'd like to see the 31 character and apostrophe etc limits, all limites, removed. That way we can align the file names with other apps etc. e.g. the song called " Honey Don't " can't be used.
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    If I can remember well, the 31 characters limit might be for the sake of compatibility with Windows users!? Just wondering...

    You could make a zip archive with your mp3 file.
    Then you rename the archive (for example "",
    Then, once the zip archive is expanded, the full name is back.

    Another possibility is to have a short name for the file.
    Then you use the Tag application to change the tag
    Then, once imported into iTunes, iTunes renames the file according to the tags.
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