MusicBox Audio Stacks with Integrated Playlist (HTML5 and Flash Supported)

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MusicBox is the first in a series of powerful new stack elements that allow you to create a powerful mp3 (HTML5) audio playlist with integrated player.

The first two editions off the SymfoniP production line allow you to create a dynamic playlist and control that remotely from a Google Spreadsheet Document, or from a text list maintained on DropBox .

You can then share, have other collaborators or your clients editing, adding to the MusicBox playlist dynamically without touching your RapidWeaver project again. We like to think of these as Audio Stacks with some extra CMS enabled sauce.

MusicBox is perfect for providing audio portfolio samples whether you are a
* musician
* voice artist
* want to share audio with other visitors to your site, a podcast list for example
* building a band web site

Key Features
- create an audio player with playlist without any coding know-how
- no more republishing of audio files (yes it can be a pain) in your RapidWeaver project , saving you time in publishing and editing
- playlist file generation is dynamic
- enable downloads of an audio track ( optional per track configuration , see relevant User Guide for the Gdoc or drop(box)list editions)
-Plays great on iPad in HTML5 mode and even supports Flash playback for those browsers that do not play nice with HTML5. This is all automatic in MusicBox!
- Color configuration for background and track text elements in a single MusicBox stack
multiple MusicBoxes are supported in the same Stacks page as shown in our demo site

- PHP 5.x server support
- Stacks Plugin Supported Versions 1.4.x or 2.x
- Audio tracks already encoded as mp3, 128Kbs fixed rate provides the best results , remember this is the web we are talking about
- playlist configuration file needs to be publicly accessible for MusicBox to access it
- of course a Google Spreadsheet … we talk about that setup in our User Guide too. A public DropBox text file, or even a public file that is maintained on your web server.

Check out our live demo page with both the drop(box)List and Gdoc MusicBox editions both active on the same page.

Bundle Pricing
Buy both editions and save 3 Euros only available at our demo page

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  • Patrick HoulihanPatrick Houlihan Posts: 439Members
    This looks like a valuable addition, Kevin. Congrats! I have two questions:

    I checked the demo page with various browsers on my iMac. They all looked and worked similarly. But when I looked at the demo page on my iPad 2 and iPhone, the volume control was missing. Is that something that can be added so that it will be consistent with the stack viewed on a Mac?

    Your description mentions using a public file maintained on a web server. Are both the GoogleDoc version and the Dropbox version able to employ a public file?


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    Hi Patrick
    VolumeIcon: It is designed that when MusicBox detects iPad or iPhone that the volume controls are disabled visually, as phone or tablet volume controls are much more accessible than sometimes small icons on a web page that you may have to zoom into (depending on your device :) )

    File creation:
    Dropbox: you create a text file , we explain (User Guide) the format and include an example that we use in the stack already , you just add this to the Public folder of your dropbox account. If you then want to deploy that same text file to your own server, this is also not a problem.

    Gdoc: we talk about the file structure and how to publish in Gdoc , there is no need to redeploy a file from Gdoc since it is already there in the cloud (the musicbox engine is a lot different from the dropList edition)

    MusicBox User Guides
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  • Upside Down WebUpside Down Web Temora AustraliaPosts: 40Members
    Awesome work guys, just what a customer is looking for there web site - solved the problem

    Nothing Wrong with being Upside Down
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  • kpryce2kpryce2 Posts: 236Members

    Its Poetry in motion.

  • kbbruxkbbrux EuropePosts: 986Members
    Thanks Ken
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