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[ANN] Pulse CMS Stack

Ed BrennerEd Brenner TexasPosts: 3,332Moderators
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Some, maybe many, of you know that I've been doing a series over at SupportCasts about PulseCMS and RapidWeaver.

Well my buddy Glenn Thomas released a Pulse Stack that you can read about in this post.

I thought Glenn's Stack could do with a modification. So I followed his basic setup with an addtion/change here and there.

I've added the ability to give the Stack a unique name. Technically speaking a DIV class. Which can come in handy for keeping things "organized" if you use PulseCMS.

And it allows you to perform a few other tricks. I've got a new screencast coming that shows both Glenn's and my Stacks in action of at SupportCasts.

Oh and I've named my Stack differently from Glenn's so you can have both in your Library. :)

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