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URL's are disappearing ...

Steffen GraumannSteffen Graumann Ribe, DenmarkPosts: 56Members
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I'm unable to enter URL's into RW. They just disappear.

When I enter a URL and click "Set Link" it's gone when I click the add link symbol again. This happens everywhere in RW when I use the build in add link function.

What to do? Pulling out my now grey hair doesn't work :-!
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  • timtempesttimtempest Posts: 365Members Member
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    I had this same problem a while back... as I recall instead of pasting in the link with command-v I used command/shift-v, which is paste without formatting.

    Or... I pasted the link into text wrangler first then copied that back into RW. Basically I think there was some formatting effecting things.


    I fixed it by restarting RW or restarting my computer.

    I cant duplicate it now to give a more confident answer but try the above and see how it goes. Someone else may respond later with a more qualified response, but I did fix it in the end :-)

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  • Steffen GraumannSteffen Graumann Ribe, DenmarkPosts: 56Members
    edited 12:40PM
    Hi Tim and thanks for you answer ...

    It's seem to be a bug that I'm the only one having. I have reported it via the support page and Nik is on it.

    The "funny" thing is that the links work on the live site, even though I can't see them in the dialog.

    Btw it's alt+command+V for paste without styling (but I forgive you as I had forgotten that option ;-) )
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