Need tips/help, redesigning website in rapidweaver first time user. Thanks!

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Hey everyone this is my first post here. I am new to web design and I was told rapidweaver is a pretty cool application to design websites in. I would greatly appreciate any input as far as what theme to start out with as well as what add-ons I should pick up to greatly improve my company's website. Here is what we have so far:

I am a big fan of this website and would like to incorporate a homepage similar to this:

Thanks so much!



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    For the type of site you are building I would recommend the Ultimate line of themes from
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    Does this look like a good theme for me to start off with?
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    I am also intrigued by this theme:

    Would that work as a good starting point as well? I plan on purchasing one or the other today and getting the ball rolling on this project.

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    My suggestion is, read the features page for each theme carefully and give the demo sites a thorough examination. Depending on the theme, some features may not be easily changeable (i.e., many themes have limited options for positioning the navigation). But both are fine themes.

    I suspect given the navigation you're looking for, G ometrix will be a more flexible option for you and it will be easier to get close to the look of the site you linked with it. But I haven't used either them so that's based on my inspection of the features.

    FYI - I no longer provide RapidWeaver solutions or any 1:1 support. My web design practice is focused 100% on web designs using WordPress.
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