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Redirecting from old site to new

FutureBoyFutureBoy Posts: 74Members
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Just setup a new site that has replaced an old one (which was not done in RW) New site is working perfectly ok and was setup via an add-on domain. What I've done is setup an additional RW project as a redirecting page to the new Website. All I've done is just used a styled text page with a line of text that has a link on one of the words redirecting to the new domain name. When I've published the link doesn't work saying that the requested URL was not found on this server. What I've noticed is that the url in the browser displays the old web address (www.**********************.co.uk/www.************.co.uk (new address).
I must be linking the URL to the text the wrong way in RW??
When editing the page in RW all I do is select the text and that brings up a box where I can specify a URL then I type in the URL am I missing something basic here


  • rfwilmutrfwilmut London, UKPosts: 372Members Member
    edited 6:56AM
    It sounds as if you haven't included the http:// in the link.
  • FutureBoyFutureBoy Posts: 74Members
    edited 6:56AM
    That was indeed was the problem.

    Really appreciated!

    Thank you very much!
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