Rapidcart 3.2.1 Problem Warning (RESOLVED)

James RobeJames Robe Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 42Members
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Don't know if this is the right place to put this however earlier in the week I updated when prompted RapidCart to 3.2 and then 3.2.1. (I think both were this week though don't generally pay much attention to such things)

We had been surprised that since Tuesday our site had taken no orders from generally at least a couple a day, especially as our Google Analytics looked normal.

Over the weekend I was contacted by a few customers who warned me that they were unable to process to PayPal when clicking the 'checkout' button. We tested this on several devices and browsers and found this to be the case.

We'd made some fairly major layout changes earlier in the week, and so I tested to see if these were having any impact however it was only when we downgrade back to RapidCart 3.1.2 that we were able to get the site, and checkout, back running.

I still don't know what caused this and have contacted omnidea however thought I would post a warning here for any RapidCart users that they may want to check and see if their site is still working. I'm sure it's probably my fault, or a compatibility issue with the theme or plugins we use however it's better to check and not miss out on sales.

Would also be interested to know of anyone who has upgraded and isn't having problems if they might know why this happened?



  • AnJo009AnJo009 Posts: 24Members
    Hi all,

    We want to let you know that RapidCart 3.2.3 fixes that bug.

    Please update.

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    "An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later."

    Are we not able to update to 3.2.3 from within DW, or do we have to download the whole dmg file again?

    Jeremy Preston
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  • 3mors3mors Posts: 561Members Member
    Please download and install it from DMG.
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  • James RobeJames Robe Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 42Members
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    Sorry, I meant to respond to this ages ago.

    After discovering I had a problem I contacted Omnidea who had me replicate it - it seems I was the only one having this issue.

    Within about 12 hours of me contacting them they had figured out that it was my use of special characters in my product's titles and had released an update fixing this. This, I have to say, is fantastic service!

    I am a very happy Rapidcart customer and highly recommend this plugin!
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