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[ANN] New theme: INFINITE-R (responsive)

Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
edited May 2012 in Announcements

After a couple of RapidWeaver themes in which design and form seemed to come before content, I'm now going back to the basics of a website: what is its purpose and what is it you'd like to reach?
The INFINITE theme breathes both business and tranquility, and really puts the focus on your content and your message. The preferred fonts used in the theme are breaking with the status quo, yet they are very accessible and welcoming.
You'll find examples in this demo.

EDIT May 2012: I've made the theme responsive now. Narrow for example your browser window or check the theme with your mobile phone or iPad (portrait mode). See what happens with the design and the menu...

What is a Rapidweaver today without the plugin Stacks2 and stacks? In this demo site I show you different stacks (not in the downloadfile of the theme).
There are links to the developers (thanks for using your stacks!) on each page.

Here we go:

• The El-Dorado lightbox stack: example1 - example2

• Hide 'n' Show stack: example1 - example2 - example3 - example4

• ViewPoint stack: example

• Header Helper stack: example

• ScrollPane stack: example

• El Tint-o stack: example

• bgStretcher stack: example

• prettyPhoto stack: example

• Animate-It stack: example

• Newsticker stack: example

• Sprightly stack: example

Show all available stacks

And don't forget the slideshow plugins Weaverpix (another example here) and symNivo.

All newsletters subscribers have received a newsletter today with a discount code for the INFINITE theme and the El Dorado stack, by far the most customizable lightbox stack.

I wish you all a good easter!


  • joao montenegrojoao montenegro PortugalPosts: 52Members
    Another great theme from you Henk.

    Have a nice Easter.

  • SmileySmiley Posts: 122Members
    Cool themes, playing around with the demo now..

    thanks henk
    Learning and enjoying weaving

    Follow me on twitter

    sweet escape
  • WolleWolle Posts: 1Members
    Question to the background pattern I saw in this new theme:


  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    edited April 2012
    There are hundreds of animated gif images available on the internet (search for 'animated gif image'). This is the 'noise' image I've used. Drag it with your mouse to your desktop.
    Check the box for the Custom background image in the Info Pane of the El Dorado stack:
    Now you can either drag an image into the image well provided or click the "browse" button and navigate to the image.
    That's it! In preview you'll see your animated image.

    There are snow images too, or falling leaves, rain, etc. For each event and season there is an image.
    But please don't overdo it, your visitors can find some images annoying...
  • bmanbman Fort Worth, TXPosts: 925Members
    Another wonderful theme - subdued but very classy.

    Nice job Henk !

    Bill (the info guy)
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  • yolanda-yolanda- Santander - SpainPosts: 521Members
    As always, amazing!!

    Thanks, Yolanda
  • LazarovDesignLazarovDesign AustraliaPosts: 665Members
    Thanks Henk for this wonderful theme. Simple and elegant, yet, like all your themes, full with options.
  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    edited April 2012
    Thanks all for the nice comments!

    I've made an update of the INFINITE theme.
    What's new: most users would like to have their own colors, but it would be much easier to have some style to start off with, and modify it to suit their needs.
    In the update you can select 14 different built-in color styles in the Page-Inspector > Styles. See image below (left):


    And of course you can customize everything from within a style and save it with another name (image right): choose “Save Style As...” and give your own style a name.


    (I've send this update to all buyers)
  • timmy toadtimmy toad Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UKPosts: 578Members
    edited April 2012
    Dear Henk, thanks for such a nice theme, a lot of the other themes seem to be "Over the Top" and far too complicated, for a beginner like me anyway, but this theme is JUST RIGHT and now we also have some pre-defined Styles it is even better.
    I also like the way you (Henk) has made each page into a demo for some of the many wonderful stacks that has been lovingly created.
    And i am of the opinion that RapidWeaver, without which, none of this would have been possible, is the best piece of software ever written, if i cant make a good web site NOW, i ought to GIVE UP !!!!!

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  • ·[RapidBase]··[RapidBase]· Bingen am Rhein, GermanyPosts: 680Members
    Hi Henk, my congrats on this jewel! I really like its very clean and distinct look and will for sure use INFINTE for one of my next projects.

    Two questions:

    What about adding an option to choose the opacity of the menu stroke and content stroke? So I could use a nice photo background (for example using bgStretcher stack by RWExtras) which is then slightly visible behind the menu and content. Simply switching these to "transparent" is a bit too "drastic" ... ;-) I'm sure I could use semi-transparent png-files as background texture for these areas to achieve this effect, but a menu option for this would be very nice (of course separately adjustable for the menu stroke and the content stroke). :-)

    And what about an option to make the menu "sticky", so that it is always visible when scrolling a long page?

    Best, Matthias
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  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    Hmmm, sounds very interesting...

  • JoostJoost Amersfoort, The NetherlandsPosts: 962Members
    Nice theme Henk and looking forward to the new "sticky menu" ;)
    Thanks for the new Hide 'n' Show stack examples!

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    Looking for a free stacks element that comes with a responsive approach?
  • NormanTNormanT Middlesex, UKPosts: 1,664Members
    As usual Henk just does it again and he just does not rest on his laurels but gets on and offers more value than any other theme developer there is in the RW community.

    I have been putting this theme through its paces and together with some other things which I am currently testing find this theme so easy to be able to use straight out of the box so to speak. Knowing Henk I fully suspect the request for a "sticky menu" to be available very shortly either by way of an update or an additional theme.

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  • fgrikfgrik BelgiëPosts: 1,036Members
    Those HV themes don't get exhausted with such a duo Henk / Joost. Excellent tandem by the way.
    Seeing this, I immediately adapted an older site with both the new Hide 'n' Show as well as the HR slider that you even get on top for free with XENSE and the BLOW-UP themes!
    The extensive options you get now are of course sublime. In the Hide 'n' Show stack you can add some info, links, and even additional custom image(s) could be added if desired. It's just crazy.
    I didn't used all of that now but the day I'll need those opportunities... and that day will come definitely!
  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    I've made a brandnew INFINITE theme: the INFINITE R theme*. The R stands for Responsive. INFINITE R has Responsive layouts, so a better iPad and iPhone support:


    What is Responsive Design?
    Users no longer just browse the web with desktop computers but use mobile phones now, and tablet devices such as the iPad to access the web. So the traditional fixed width design doesn't work any more. Web design needs to be adaptive. The layout needs to be automatically adjusted to fit all display resolution and devices.

    Narrow for example with this page your browser window or check it with your mobile phone or iPad (portrait mode). See what happens with the design and the menu...
    Other updates: I've added the option for a fixed menu, so when scrolling down the menu will be always visible. I've added more options to the Menu Strip Shadow and the Menu and Content Strip background (for example a semi-transparent black background) and new fonts to the Content.

    * I've send all buyers of the INFINITE theme a free download link for the INFINITE-R theme

  • dhiddingdhidding Suwanee, GAPosts: 1,242Members
    Wow, thanks for this Henk! You are totally amazing - never one to rest on your laurels, but always looking for ways to improve your existing themes. I have two sites made for one domain - and anyone logging in via iPhone/Android or Windows8 would be automatically redirected to a mobile site. Well, I just dropped that site into your new Infinite R theme, and am very happy with the results.

    I LOVE the new button for the menu- as well as the options for fonts/shadows/backgrounds/etc.

    These new responsive themes are doing away with the need for creating two parallel sites - which should make our jobs much easier. Thanks for that too!

    If anyone would like to see my site which was just ported over to Infinite R, point your phone to:



  • neilcovertneilcovert Posts: 108Members
    The El Dorado Stack doesn't seem to resize down to the iPhone size when playing your video or showing the image. Am I doing something wrong?

  • bmanbman Fort Worth, TXPosts: 925Members
    A really nice theme - with even more power !

    Way to go Henk.

    Bill (the info guy)
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  • shukapawshukapaw AlaskaPosts: 1,910Members

    I just released a new version of El Dorado via sparkle and it is supposed to address this issue

    Once Henk updates the stack and republishes the page, you should see it working properly


  • timmy toadtimmy toad Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UKPosts: 578Members
    Nice One HENK, out of the box this theme is excellent and then i look at all the style settings, incredible that is all i can say, and me being a beginner, it is all so straightforward and with Henk always on hand with tips and advice, good stuff indeed.
    And the Responsive feature works perfectly, Henk has obviously put many hours into this theme, it deserves to be a success.


    Apple MacBookPro and iPhone5S is mine
    iPad2 and iPhone4S is my better half's
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  • NormanTNormanT Middlesex, UKPosts: 1,664Members

    There is only one word - AWESOME!!!!!!

    Evocator Forum Member with over 1650 posts on the previous forum

    Its me, my mac and your money - thats a good combination!!
  • dhiddingdhidding Suwanee, GAPosts: 1,242Members
    Talk about unbelievable customer service!

    Off-line, I made a couple of suggestions on ways Henk might improve this theme. Not surprisingly, he incorporated both of them right away and sent me a beta to try.

    So - I no longer have two different sites at the domain - I'm using INFINITE R for both my desktop and mobile sites. You can point your browser to the URL below to see it. You might notice that I used just a bit of custom CSS in order to make my bulleted lists- if anyone wants the code I used, just let me know. I also dropped in my own bg image, but that's super easy to do too.

    Awesome job Henk - this theme is beautiful and works very, very, well on desktop AND mobile devices!



  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    Thanks all! I hope you do not start sending me all suggestions now... ;-)
    I've just send an update to all buyers with the option to hide the responsive sidebar when it's empty, solved some other issues and removed some bugs.

  • herzelherzel Los AngelesPosts: 49Members
    Another amazing theme.
    BUT...here my preference, I would like to see the same them with the main menu across the top.
    I came across few customer that will like it this way.(they don't like the main menu on the side)
    Thanks good job.
    Los Angeles Based Photographer.
    Fashion, Glamour, Marketing and Branding.
  • blue4milesblue4miles Posts: 187Members
    Hi Henk, excellent theme as usual...

    In fact, I've started just using your themes as default for my clients!

    When I got your email update a short while ago, I click on the link and it says 'cannot find server".
    I have checked internet access etc.

    Do we have to wait a while and try again?

  • Henk VrieselaarHenk Vrieselaar Lemmer, The NetherlandsPosts: 2,284Members
    edited May 2012
    Thanks all.
    That's odd. It's send by e-Junkie. Please try again or send me an email with your email-address and I'll send you a new download link.
  • dhiddingdhidding Suwanee, GAPosts: 1,242Members

    Happy to announce that my second site to be built with Henk's fantastic INFINITE theme is now live on the City of Suwanee (Georgia) website. Anyone using a desktop browser to visit the site above will end up on the city's main page. But, anyone who points an iPad at the address will automatically be redirected to the site I created using INFINITE.

    As the city is very proactive in employing QR Codes, I anticipate that the mobile site will garner a lot of hits.

    Thanks again to Henk for creating a FABULOUS theme! You make it easy for us to look good :-)

    1110 x 888 - 409K
  • shaneblythshaneblyth Posts: 123Members
    love it as always
    just would love a similar theme with a horizontal menu or that has it as an option.
  • soonwaisoonwai Kuala LumpurPosts: 240Members
    Henk, how do you scroll the ScrollPane Stack in your Infinite R demo on an iPad? I've tried two-finger scrolling and it didn't work. I can drag the scrollbar and it moves but the content didn't.
  • yuZoolyuZool Posts: 440Members
    Like the responsive layout - good work Henk

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