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Image size

FutureBoyFutureBoy Posts: 74Members
edited April 2012 in General
Going to make a photo page showing a number of images. What is a suitable image size (in bytes) for images?


  • mitchellmmitchellm Posts: 3,052Members, Moderators Member
    Probably depends on size of images in pixels, and specific number of images. In general I wouldn't want images larger than about 250k for decent sized photos (800 x 600 or larger).

    There can be all sorts of exceptions, but a key consideration is what's the likely bandwidth of your user's connection? Several times I've run into image intensive websites that "look cool" but I never get far, or stay with them long, because it takes so long for their web pages to load.
  • FutureBoyFutureBoy Posts: 74Members
    I'm creating an image slideshow first with Superflex and the first image I've edited has dimensions 1000x378 and only 175kb so I seem to be at a suitable size then?
  • mitchellmmitchellm Posts: 3,052Members, Moderators Member
    edited April 2012
    Size seems to be fine. Dimensions may be a bit large (the 1,000 pixel width) but as long as it works well with your theme then it all sounds fine.

    I should add that the number of images may make a difference. Having 10 images at 200k (or thereabouts) is very different from 100 or 1,000 images at 200k.
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