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RapidBlog URL's

powellrobjpowellrobj Posts: 84Members
edited April 2012 in General
I am using rapidblog on my site www.horseplayphotography.co.uk

I would like this blog to search engine optimized. Is there a way to make each entry have a unique address containing my blog title rather than the php generated such as http://www.horseplayphotography.co.uk/Blog/index.php?id=3281894325113717876


  • shaneblythshaneblyth Posts: 123Members
    Ill second asking that question. thats a great idea but have no idea if it's possible
  • powellrobjpowellrobj Posts: 84Members
    From what I have read it doesn't appear to be possible. Can anyone advise?

    If i were to revert to the blogging system of rapidweaver would this solve my problem in generating unique url's for each blog entry?

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