Some sort of savings comparison/ calculator?

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I am designing a page where I would like users to have the ability to enter some fields:

Annual Usage:
your Cost Per Bag:
So on:
and So On:

and then they click submit and it shows them the difference between the cost of their current plan and shows a side by side of our plan so they can see how much they would save.

I could use excel or a plugin or whatever you suggest just having trouble finding what I need!


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    i've been looking and looking for some kind of payment calculator I can use with rapidweaver - people's questions just seem to hang in the air... there is no answer. Please someone who knows about how to make this stuff, make it. A lot of people will buy it. Do I have to turn down a lucrative job because rapidweaver apparently has no calculator. I can't do my own script.
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    I have embedded Excel spreadsheets and Google doc spreadsheets into a RW project. You might want to consider that.

    If you really want a standalone calculator, why not look it up on the web? This is not a RW specific thingy. Just using the keywords "javascript" and "calculator" brought up lots of free options for codes you can use. I know you want something more specific, but my guess is a few minutes of time on your part and you'll find javascript you can easily use (or edit for your uses): then you won't have to turn down a lucrative job.

    Maybe you can't do your own script (fair enough) but you really can't do your own search? (Not trying to be mean, but honestly your response comes across as if you haven't even taken some basic steps.)
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    @Mitchellm What did you use to embed your excel spreadsheets?
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    I did this about 2 years ago and it's possible there's an even better solution around now.

    I set up the spreadsheet in Excel, uploaded to Google docs, then put on my course website via an embed stack (there are a few around). This allowed students (in my case) to test out some calculation scenarios.

    So the best thing might be to check out the various embed stacks and ask developers how well they work with Google docs. In my case this all worked out very nicely. YMMV
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