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Andreas Belivanakis ·


Andreas Belivanakis
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  • Realbreadmaker
    I have been looking through the forums and see that you raised the same query that I have.

    My website is now very out of date (Rapidweaver and rapidalbum) and I want to improve the photo albums/galleries. Your forum entries of May 2012 asked if it was possible to have a photo album that showed an entire page of thumbnails with separate captions, each of which would link to a blown up image, with separate captions (I don't want this overlaid on other images but to open in a separate page). To take it one further these images all now need to be swipeable.
    Rapidalbum also has the drawback that once in the gallery with the full size images you can only go forward or back, not choose a picture at random.
    Did you ever resolve your problem? Can you pass on any advice about what programmes/plug ins I should be using. I have looked at Pretty photo but it is not user friendly for a non techie like me. Weaver pix also doesn't quite seem to fit the bill.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    February 2014
    • Andreas Belivanakis
      Andreas Belivanakis
      No, I'm afraid I haven't. There is not a single product out there for RapidWeaver that does the job right, even though there are several "gallery" and "slide show" stacks or plug-ins. The existing ones are either non-responsive, or bloated, or hard to use, or buggy as Hell, or all of the above. It's a crying shame.
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    January 2014
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    March 2012
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    March 2012
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    March 2012
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    March 2012