RapidWeaver   Feature Requests

Editing area must scroll left / right to see all contents on php pages (2)
Load Stack exception list at project file startup (6)
RW 7 Problems and Issues first Month (4)
Stacks request lock partials (1)
Master Style auto save (3)
A true Undo feature (9)
Have RW pages with no theme or extra code applied (1)
One custom style to rule them all! (17)
Save As Complete - or something (7)
Show link while in Preview (1)
Right Click Rename A Partial (10)
Dup Bottom icons (Link, Unlink, Style, Align, etc) in Custom top menu bar (3)
Moved Add Ons Folder-make RW add new items to new location (5)
Please support Clear App again! (5)
Sort recources by name (4)
When Publishing Fails (1)
Rapidweaver feature request (1)
Recent sites Sync? (3)
Feature Request for Community Activity Stream (1)
RWThemeKit % Code For Page URL (8)
Request to disable auto file open on RW7 startup & also plugin/theme update checker (6)
Stack or Plug-in for ConvertKit (2)
Paste Styled Text as Markdown (5)
Odd Library as Window Selection Behavior (2)
Preview of Hidden Stack (7)
Do Nothing Folder to help organize only (17)
Linking to an anchor on a page (1)
Abolish "promoted" stacks and themes! (5)
Editable labels on Library Pop Up icons (5)
Editable RECENTly opened list (4)