1d's Link Drawer doesn't honor "open in new window" option for links?

(Ben Balser) #1

I’m loving “Link Drawer” by 1d but it doesn’t honor the “open in new window” option. Why is this? That’s pretty important to keep folks on my page when referring them to external web sites! Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

It is pretty important that the links on this page open in a new window/tab, and I’d like a way to keep them logically organized and compact, as there’s a lot of them.

What alternatives are there to Link Drawer that will honor the “open in new window” function?


(Jason Bostick) #2

I had this issue and there’s been an update in the past couple of days to address this.

(Ben Balser) #3

I’m not seeing any update, and I still have the issue.

(Jason Bostick) #4

I’d contact 1LD then. I updated it a few days ago and it works for me now… It should be version 1.0.1 http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver/kb/link-drawer/#tut_4

(Ben Balser) #5

That’s the version I have, and open in new window is not working. I’ll contact them and see what’s up.

(Jason Bostick) #6

Yeah that’s strange. I’m not at my RW computer to confirm but, if I remember correctly, the ‘open in new window’ is part of the stack settings, not the normal link dialogue box. Just double-checking that you’re using that method

(Ben Balser) #7

Ah, you’re right. I figured if I checked it off in the link settings, it would just work. Odd that the stack doesn’t simply use the link settings, and has to duplicate that function.

(system) #8

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