360 Photos and/or Video in RW?

(Ben Balser) #1

So I’ve not seen anything recently about this topic, and the TV station I work for is wanting to put some on our site (built with RW). It seems odd that no one has an easy solution, or that there’s no stack for this. Any solutions out there?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/panorama/ by @yuzool

(Ben Balser) #3

I’ve seen that and it’s nice, but is that’s all there is? The shots we are gathering are 360, not pano. You’d think there was a RW solution for true 360 photos in RW by now.

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

Have you tried:

It looks like the result is something you could embed in a RW website.

As for “you’d think there was a RW solution” … not necessarily. RW is a relatively small community. Developers are pretty savvy about what kinds of widgets will sell, or sell in large enough quantities. I’m guessing that developers don’t see a large enough selling base. So, really, not a surprise at all.

… all that said, as in some other very special cases, there are other solutions one can bring into RW with some code. I don’t know if the link above is a product that will specifically help you, but if not I’m guessing there’s something else out there that would be compatible with RW.

(Ben Balser) #5

Aside from their branded watermark, it’s a nice free solution, and will work for now. We’d like to host our own content. We’re a media company, we need to show off media. I produce 360 photos and video for real estate, broadcast social media, agriculture, and the local petrochemical industry. We’re not the only ones, either. I’ve seen requests for this function going back on these forums at least a year, so how rare is it, really? It’s a type of media that is growing rapidly. I guess I can only hope that a stack comes out some day to support it. In the mean time we’ll have to live with embeds and other companies branded watermarks, which is not a solution but a work-around. And not all of us are coders, otherwise I’d probably just code my sites rather than use something like RW. oh well… Thanks for the reply, appreciate the effort.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6


There may be another solution. I’d suggest contacting @willwood, the creator of Stacks4Stacks. Will will also do custom stacks. I have no idea of his prices and the various details. But given that you’ll be using 306 a lot it’s certainly worth a shout out to him.

Read towards the bottom of this page:

I hope this results in a good solution for you.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

I do not see why 360 degree photos should be different from panorama photos.

(Ben Balser) #8

360 is just that, left/right/up/down. Pano is simply a long horizontal image, no up or down, no vertical movement. A bit of a difference. Smart phones can take pano, and that can be wrapped horizontally, but there’s only side to side movement. They can’t take true 360 that shows the full globe, including sky/ground. I’ve done both with FB, and there’s a difference.

Will the Panorama stack support true 360 or only pano?

(Jeu Elissen) #9

For my 360 degrees panoramic images (cylindric and Polar) I’m using both applications from the websites below.

At https://www.limburgs.land and https://www.gulpen360.nl you can see some pages I made with PanoramaStudio Pro 3 from TshSoft. I currently have no examples from Zoomify which is much simpler to use than Panoramastudio Pro. To apply the advanced options in PanoramaStudio some knowledge of Javascript and Json are very helpful however.

(Michael Frankland) #10

Panorama Stack is only side to side but great for iPhone or other panorama shots that you can scroll. For 360, I don’t think there is a Stack yet :wink:

(Ben Balser) #11

You are correct, sir! We take photos and video with Insta360 cameras. The photos I need to post are real 360. Very cool and super clear when on FB! But I can’t embed FB 360 photos on a web page the way the boss wants it. hhhmmm… May have to hit up some developers, see what it’d cost. Zoomly or something may fit the bill in the mean time.

And thank you all so VERY much for responding and the information. Y’all are the best!

(Ben Balser) #12

What I see on your site is panoramic, no up or down.

(Jeu Elissen) #13

That’s because the panorama’s on my sites are cylindric. I don’t have a circular or full frame fisheye yet to make 180/360 panorama’s. But with PanoramaStudio Pro it’s possible to make these 180/360 panorama’s. See these examples at https://tshsoft.de/panoramastudio/html5/pano_3r_2.html

(Jochen Abitz) #14

I do 360/360 sphere photos and there is no RW solution for this. But it would be nice to have a solution that would do the iFrame solution in RW more responsive. The problem is always the responsive height in iFrames.

Embed 360º x 180º panoramas in Rapidweaver
(Stephen Foster) #15

I did a couple of these a few years ago. Heres one If you click on ‘Explore’ you’ll see image links to panoramas. The website was made in RapidWeaver but the actual panoramas are full screen as I think, as Jochen says, the issue with embedding in an iFrame is the responsiveness. I used pano2VR to create the panoramas.

(Ben Balser) #16

Yes, panoramas are not the issue, there’s a very nice stack for that, true 360 is the issue.

(Michael Frankland) #17

Thanks @Steve_F, @Jeu, @benb - this has been redone to now take up/down into account (as well as horizontal) panoramas!


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #18

Works great :+1: @yuzool

(Ben Balser) #19

Seems to be some skewing and stretching on the left side. Navigation isn’t smooth, but it works.

Here’s what we’re using now. Notice there’s no skewing, and navigation is pretty smooth.

(Michael Frankland) #20

That solution is $49 / month

And it uses iFrames but could be worth a try / keep using it

The skewing and stretching can be adjusted in the Stack by setting the “field of view” in the Stack:

Those who have better eye for 360 can set that, I just put a quick demo together :upside_down_face: