7.1.7 Crashing Constantly

RW is crashing about 10 times a day. No beachball just snaps off and I have to reopen and start again.
Im working on several projects so its not just a specific theme.
Seems to be since upgrade to 7.1.7

I do still have plus kit installed and that has caused me trouble before.
I’ll try removing it. But if anyone had solution to similar problem I’d be grateful for info.

I do have many many old themes that I will never use. But I think I read once not to uninstall them?


I have the same problem with the addition of losing stacks when it restarts.

So far I have had to reinstall Armadillo and Photos.

Not real happy with the stability of this release. Hope the update will fix these issues.

Same for me - been locking up or crashing sporadically.