A call for Addon discounts, get yourself listed!

We’ve started a new discount section on the RapidWeaver Community website.

It’s a page listing discounts for RapidWeaver related Addons and great Mac software. Check it out.

We’re also in the process of working out some other exciting deals that will be listed on this page very soon…

If you’d like to be listed here, we need a discount code for your store. It needs to be at least 10% and ideally non-expiring. The discount will only be available to paying community members. Email me directly with your offer — dan@realmacsoftware.com

If you have any other ideas for deals you’d like to offer just let me know.

Hopefully it’ll give you a little more exposure and some more sales!


Great idea.
But Your page is not good readable on iPhone 12 Pro:

Cheers Maik

Ah yes, @ben will get that fixed asap :wink:

:woozy_face: fixed now!

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Maybe you could link to our pages even if they are not subscribers so they can take a look at our portfolios?

Cheers Maik

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@barz-stacks - Good suggestion… @ben how about that too? :wink: