A lightbox gallery of videos that autoplay without all the audio playing on page load?

(David) #1


I’m making a video gallery in a block grid. I tried doing it with Joe’s Reveal lightbox and flex video stacks. I’d like them to autoplay when the video pops up on click, but if i set Joe’s flex video stacks to “auto play” all the videos start playing on page load, without any of them being open or clicked.

Can someone please suggest a solution or recommend a lightbox that can accommodate multiple videos to auto play on click on the same page, hopefully in a grid? Right now i’m using youtube videos, but will ultimately be using vimeo links.

An example of what i’d like it to look like is here: http://davidphilipson.com/antonio/films/films.html

only with the ability of having them autoplay when when opened. (right now they all have the same preview thumb).

Thanks very much!

(David) #2

Now i’ve changed the flex video setting to autoplay so the problem I’m having can be seen (or heard actually).

The audio from all 3 videos start playing on page load. I’m guessing i need to use a different lightbox stack and/or video stack. Any help and/or stack recommendations would be most appreciated.


Thanks very much!

(David) #3

I’ve noticed some folks are still visiting the above links from time to time. As the links were to a page in development, they no longer work.

The solution for me was to use Topbox from stacks4stacks. The completed and working page can be seen here:

(Lisa Sandler) #4

@thang David, you’ve come a long way since then :slight_smile:BTW… I did the poster for In The Bedroom. Art Directed the Photo Shoot for it with the cast. https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/portfolios/film-advertising-design/#lg=myGallery3&slide=0

(David) #5

Thanks Lisa! That was my very first RW project.

Great work on the posters and ads! It sure can be a small world in LA. I should watch that film again as I can’t remember much about it, except that it was quite good.