A question about seeing changes to content in RapidCart Pro

(John) #1

This is the procedure I must follow to see (using [command-P] or publishing online) a photo I’ve added to my shopping cart:

  1. Save my RapidCart Pro file in RapidWeaver.
  2. Quit RapidWeaver.
  3. Reopen RapidWeaver.
  4. Reopen the RapidCart Pro file.
  5. [command-P] for Preview or publish to website.

These steps also apply to certain other changes I make to my RapidCart Pro file.

Is this standard procedure?

(Duane LeBlanc) #2

Generally the changes I make show up within the project automatically or just on a quick save of the project.

Occasionally I have had to quit rapidweaver and restart for changes to appear but personally I haven’t attributed this to Rapidcart, and it doesn’t seem to be the norm.

(John) #3

With a bit more experience with RapidWeaver, I’ve noticed that to see (many or most) changes reflected in Preview, including those made independent of RapidCart, I need to save, quit, and reopen. At least I know who to blame…

Thanks Duane.

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

Publishing process is directly handled by RapidWeaver.