A simple Tutorial to get started. ATT Developers

All frameworks… Please read.

These are only my thoughts and opinions and in no way do I wish to disrespect all the talented users here. I can only explain what happens to me. No matter what framework I purchase, my goal is to create a very simple Web Site and every time I start , I always get confused and frustrated because I cannot seem to create a simple page…

It would be great if the Developer’s could create a very simple Tutorial on the very basics not just explaining what every thing does…

An example would be:

  • A Tutorial to show you what you need to do every time you create your Site.
  • A Tutorial to create a simple Title page . Then direct me to an area where I can experiment and try on my own different ways to change the title page
  • A Tutorial to create a simple page where I can add text. Then direct me to an area where I can experiment and try on my own different ways to change the text.
  • etc…

The goal is to make the Tutorials as simple as you can and then show me where to change.

You are probably thinking that this is too basic and everyone knows this…These small non intimidating Tutorials would go a long way instilling a sense of confidence and would encourage me to dig deeper.

I hope that I was able to explain my frustrations


Up front — this isn’t to promote Foundry, but instead to show that there are videos out there that I believe are geared to what you’re looking for.

For instance, on the Foundry tutorials page there is a tutorial labeled “Building a Simple Site” that takes you through a very basic design: https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/tutorials/

In addition @dan created some very nice tutorials a while back taking you through a simple site design. It was a series of three shorter videos:

Part one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QWk69_PT4Rw

Part two: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wc5g3WoyWHA

Part three: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T-w2Ktel3TI

These are just a few of the free examples out there that I think might fit your style of learning.


In addition to what Adam @Elixir pointed out, there are these on the RealMac site. I think other than the ones listed under “training courses” they are free

Unfortunately there’s no written manual or “how to” guides that are current.

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Yep. I have done this several times. The Foundation 6 playlist on YouTube is actually in a logical order. Once you get past the first 5-10 videos, its definitely a pick and choose. There are the same videos on the F6 product page.

However, the 2nd video in the list is Foundation 6 Stacks for RapidWeaver for Beginners. In this video, I try my best to assume no prior knowledge and build a webpage. I even supply you with the project file.

I have many project files available on the F6 Downloads section on the product page. Every project file there actually has a direct link to the YouTube video where I built that project file from scratch.

I have over 65 videos for Foundation 6. There is a lot there. It’s about a 50/50 split with long form tutorial videos and short focused videos.

I hope that this helps!

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