A true Undo feature

Currently I may edit some text in HTML stacks in several pages and publish the pages to my server. If I want to undo these text edits, it doesn’t appear that the Undo function actually undoes anything as the text I just edited does not revert to the previous content.

Undo affects only your project file locally (saved on you computer). If you want change in effect on your project on server, you need to publish again to your server. If changes are big, to avoid conflicts within files, you better use ftp-client to delete same files you reverted and publish those files on your server. Or delete everything except folder you publish your project and Re-publish all. RW does not delete any files from server.

May more experienced users correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Tapio,

That’s not exactly what I mean. I just want to undo in my local project file. I make a change, upload it to the server, and then decide to revert back to what I had since I didn’t like the change. RW can’t do that right now.

If you stay within the same page in RW then it may undo sometimes under special circumstances, but if you publish the file, go work on another page, and then decide to undo the last few steps all the way back to the original RW page you modified, it doesn’t work.

Michael - if you are using V7, then what you want probably isn’t possible.

When you upload to the server, RW7 is saving your project file. At that point, it’s too late to undo. In fact, there is no “Revert to Saved” because the file is now saved (I also couldn’t find it when not uploading). Your best bet is to use Command-P to preview it in your default browser and make sure it looks like what you wish.


Hi Fred,

That is why I posted this in feature requests. I think they should work on making this a true Undo feature. Other apps can do it so I think RW should as well.

As info… While working in RW projects you can sometimes Undo with the regular OSX “undo” Cmd Z. Obviously mostly successful with text but it never hurts to try. And obviously while editing a project. Then if Cmd Z works just check your work and republish.

I find that Undo works when I have moved, added, or deleted stacks. I find it doesn’t work to well, if at all, if you edit text in a stack and leave the page. RW is not buffering that the text was changed in a stack on a different page

how about saving the project (temporarly) under another name? “rw_prject_1” for instance. then you have both versions…

Yeah, there are work arounds but they shouldn’t be necessary which is why I posted this as a nice future enhancement to RW. Very simple in theory but not sure how much coding would be involved to buffer the last 10 or so changes so they could be undone.

I don’t think it’s asking for much since most every program can do it. Am I wrong here?