Ace Stacks CMS login

Some 5-6 years ago there was a group of 4 stacks called AceText, AceLogin, AceData and AceClubs - in 1 zipfile.
I have lost the AceLogin stack so wonder if someone has this file or the complete zipfile with all 4 stacks.
Ace stacks were a simple CMS system and were made by Peter Huckle

That was really for RW?
I’ve been working with RW for over 12 years, but I’ve never heard of these stacks.
I would switch to something more up to date. There are 3-4 options for RW.

Good luck.

I have found all files in an old backup.
It sure is for RW - and it works fine. Some kind like TotalCMS - not that advanced, but FREE
I find the Ace stack paragraph/text editor (ckeditor) better then in TCMS (Hipwig)
And then - I have a customer that has used it for the last 6 years and is very happy with it.
If you are interested I can mail you a zipfile with stacks

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Thank you for the offer, that is very nice.
I’ll stick with my known solutions, which are still quite up to date. That is important to me.
Many thanks and best regards.

Hi @jojaeger,

A couple of concerns with the Ace CMS Stacks:

  • It uses a very old version of jQuery (included in the stacks)
  • And the PHP code, is probably based on a deprecated version of PHP. But I frankly, didn’t look at it in-depth and searched for deprecated functions or security concerns. When I have a little bit more time, I will look at the code in more detail.

At some point, I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to migrate your client to a CMS that is current and maintained. From the looks of it, I think that EasyCMS from @joeworkman, might fit the bill quite nicely, his products are up to date, and he provides excellent customer service.



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