Add-on Install warning

Users are getting this when they are trying to manually install a newer version. However, the stack that is getting installed has higher version and build number than the one actually installed. This may need to be looked at.

I will send you the 2 versions to test out…

RapidWeaver seems to install all addons at the top level of the addons folder as well. If I have a theme inside a “Themes” folder, it does not replace the version that is installed. It simply adds the new version of the theme at the top level of the addons folder. It leave the old version intact which causes issues since RapidWeaver still uses the version in the Themes folder.

Thanks Joes, we’ll get it fixed Monday before launch!

Hey Joe,

We’ve taken a look at the file and the “Bundle Version” is the same. This is what RW uses to tell if something is new/different.

Also, it’s true that the message shown when installing an identical version needs to be updated (RW says it’s older rather than the same), but there are no issues here with how add-on versions are installed.

Hope that helps!

Sorry for the delay. I was ill yesterday… Anyways, epic fail on my part, sorry. Could the logic be made so that if the build its >=, then it will still be installed? Many time, the last version of a beta will be the same build as the release version.

Theme updates are definitely still an issue…

Thanks, @joeworkman. This should be fixed in the next release.

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