Addon videos on the RapidWeaver Community


So I have an idea for addon listings on the community, but wanted to get some feedback / gauge interest before implementing it…

Would you be interested in adding videos to your addon listing? These videos would be displayed in a “Video gallery” on the addon listing page.

You would be in control of the video content, all you need to do is supply a link to the video (probably on YouTube). We did have a Video feature when we had developer subscriptions, however this feature would be available to everyone.

I know some of you already do plenty of video content, so the idea is to get more people watching these videos. Plus, I think video a great way for users to see your addon in action before purchasing.

I don’t know exactly how this would look or work just yet - I just have the initial thought that it would be nice to promote addon videos across the site.

Any thoughts on if you would use this or how you might like it to work?



Sounds good. I have another idea… how about an API for at least updating version info for an addon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe I asked around about interest in this and there wasn’t much feedback - right now I think you’re the only dev asking for this… or is this something everyone wants?

It’s no small task to add an external API with authentication, as I’m sure you’re aware :slight_smile:

If an API is something everyone wants, and would use, then I will consider it.

Not something I need or want. I can’t see what I’d make use of it for. Adding and updating listings on the site is pretty quick. Especially adding an updated Version for an addon.

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There isn’t many of us here. You could build something simple that could do it. It does not need to be an enterprise ready api.

I’m sure that you can remember that I’ve been asking for something like this since day 1. Without something like this, I can’t keep my products up to date on the site. It’s just too cumbersome to do it manually.

You must already have a form, which stores that data. Authentication might be doable with a simple Basic Authentication creating the PHP session.

Seems to me there are more important, user facing problems than an API for updating product listings, which are already super simple to keep updated via a few minutes of work. Just my 2 cents.

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