Addons + User Expectations

Hi folks,

We’ve seen a couple of emails over the weekend about how addons that a customer purchases look nothing like the previews shown in the Addons area.

Obviously, the user needs to add some content to most addons in order for them to see what’s possible, however we’ve seen a considerable number of emails saying how useful the example projects are that we include with RapidWeaver.

So, for any new addons, I’d strongly recommend you consider including an example project. That way, people can not only see what’s possible, but use the project files as scaffolding for their own efforts.



We offer a demo project of RapidCart Pro and the same demo is published online with different themes in our demo gallery at

RapidCart Pro heavily relies on PHP and we all know that current RW6 PHP support is quite poor, so we can’t preview content locally.
Those Gibo’s PHP-related suggestions for upcoming RW7 would definitely let devs improve local preview.

Thanks, Rob. We’re looking at ways to improve preview for RW7.

We know some folks do already include projects, but for those who can (and the complaints we’ve received are for stacks / themes) we’d strongly recommend taking the time to include them in the download.



For all themes (both free and paid) I provide the project file for free download on the website, so people can open this in RapidWeaver, apply it to the theme and see exactly how the example website was built. Some use these project files as the basis for building their websites with.

For stack elements, any paid stacks have an accompanying free demo version so people can try before they buy. And I provide the link in the footer for people to download the entire Stacks4Stacks website, so they open this in RapidWeaver to see how any particular demo page was setup.

I try to encourage people to contact me direct via email if they have any pre-sales questions or require advice on the correct addons for a certain job. Of course, there always will be that small minority of customers who impulse-purchase everything, without understanding what the addons do or what they need them for!

I provide examples with all my themes and stacks, some packages come with up to 10 ready to use projects. The only thing I do not provide are the images used on the demos.