Adobe Spark alternative

Hi, I created some story boards using Adobe Spark. I want to create the same effect in RW for 3 reasons, I want to escape the clutches of Adobe, Spark requires FLASH to be installed and anyhow I want them contained in my own site. I give an example below. Is there a plugin that will create the same (or very similar) effect? Many thanks.

Sorry Dave, not sure what I’m supposed to be looking at. I can see a collection of images laid out in a vertical montage which go into a lightbox when clicked and that you can scroll through. Is this what you mean?


I think you get it, I just want to be able to produce a web page with the same scrolling graphics and text that the example I gave has. Thanks for replying.

If you’re talking about the image lightbox and slideshow, then there are probably quite a few options. One I like is Montage 2 from Doobox.

For the Parallax effects of the big images, Joe Workman’s Parallax stack would do the trick (there are others too).

Since there’s no navigation on the site, you could use the Blank theme from Themeflood.

There’s a few ideas to get you started.


Thanks very much, I will check them out, very helpful. As you can probably tell I am new to RW…

You’re welcome.

I should add that in order to use any ‘stacks’ like Parallax and Montage 2, you’ll need the ‘Stacks’ plugin. This is a page type which dramatically extends the kinds of pages you can build with Rapidweaver and is thoroughly recommended.

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