Advertisement/announcement solution needed

Hi everyone,

(my first post here so please correct me in case of any mistakes :slight_smile: )

I am looking for a solution that help me build advertisement/annoucement website. Small website for community of skiers where they can put announcements with ski equipment to sale or giveaway.

Solution should be basic. It’s not ecommerce site. It should let people put their announcements with photos, description and contact data. Thats all.

Maybe search and categories feature would be useful. But no checkout

Anyone seen something like this?

To be honest, I’d set up a Facebook group and use that. I’m a member of several such groups - selling books, fishing tackle - and it works really well.


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Thanks. It is quite reasonable, although visually not so nice. And search and categories are not so convenient. But eventually I will end up with It :slight_smile:

What about the growing number of people who don’t use facebook?

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They’d not be able to access the group. So if you went the FB route, people would obviously have to opt in.


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