Almost Impossible to create a free account

I would think that we want as many people as possible to create free accounts on the Community site. However, have you tried it recently. The only way to do that is a tiny almost invisible link below the pricing plan options.

I am sure that the color styles are not deliberate. However, I would think that opening a free account should be super obvious. How things are currently done definitely comes off as a little underhanded in my opinion.

Sign as many people up as possible. Then you can up sell them. More free accounts mean more people interacting on the community. This can only be good for everyone. And free accounts don’t really cost you anything.

Is that on an iPad? It looks clearer on a desktop (though the free account still isn’t particularly obvious):

Nope. On my MacPro with 27" display

Yeah that’s a problem, it’s been on @ben’s todo list for quite awhile… Majorly updated community site is coming. We just didn’t have time to get it done in time for the 8 Launch.


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@dan That one link is the bottleneck through which most of the new customers (and income) of the rest of us flows. Would it be too much to ask that you fix that link before the redesign?

Redesigns tend to drag out a while – and right now there’s a lot of new users – it would be a shame for the community to miss all that opportunity.

Yeah agreed, @ben was away last week, but is back now, so he’ll be on it — Fear not!

I will see what I can do next week!

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thx Ben!!!

annnnnnnnnnnd this is now fixed :smiley:


Good job. Thanks @ben. Reverse order does seem a bit odd to me but that’s your call. Also the additional sign up buttons at the bottom of the page still only have the three paid tiers - possibly worth adding one for the free level there too?

Me too :slight_smile:

And maybe make the free developer account a bit more prominent, too :wink:

I was reading up on price perception for subscriptions, so if you’re interested; the supposed psychology behind this is that you put the most expensive sub in the most prominent place (traditionally on the top left side) - then the lower priced tiers in descending price order to the right - this means by the time the visitor gets to the second/third option the price seems more reasonable/acceptable - as it’s cheaper than the options they’ve just looked at.

We’ll see how it goes. Not sure how much of an affect these types of “hacks” have, but this one was quick and easy to implement :smiley:

This one will be updated in the aforementioned update, which will be released soooooon(ish).


Thanks @ben. Good work!

this is why i let you guys do the marketing

Thanks @ben

On the community site, would it be possible to add RW8 to the ‘works with’ list when you are submitting a new addon?


I have some new themes to add that only work with RW8. Ideally I’d like to list them as such.

Yep, done! :slight_smile:


Not entirely sure this works anyway. I’ve ticked only RW7 for the ones I have added and it still shows to the user that it works with 5, 6 and 7

@habitualshaker Don’t be confused by the colours of the buttons :wink:

@ben maybe you could slightly change the colour of the “checkbox” buttons? There is a purple and a dark purple, which isn’t very good to distinguish.

Thanks @instacks. It’s actually on the product page that is visible to the user which says (in text) that it works with rw 5,6 & 7.