An edit/preview suggest

Hi all

Probably too late to suggest this for RW7, but here goes…

Whenever I edit something, and then go to preview it, the preview page goes right back to the area I just edited. Now that’s ok if I just wanted to preview what that edit looked like, but there are lots of times when I’m adding a scroll stack or some other type of stack that needs to be scrolled to in order to initiate an animation of some sort. But since the preview automatically goes right to the area of the edit, I have to scroll to the top of the page (foundation page) and then do a preview and 80% of the time the preview comes back to the top of the page and I can view the edit as it should be viewed by scrolling down to it.

Would love to see either a check box to preview after edit by starting preview at top of page…or automatically starting preview at top of page when RW detects a scroll or animation type stack which is triggered by scrolling._

Boy, I hope that made sense to someone, because I got a bit confused writing it.