Analog Filter Pack for Squash

Hello everyone!
A couple questions about Squash & Analog Filter Pack for Squash:

  1. How/where can i buy the Analog Filter Pack for Squash? The current page points to nowhere…

  2. Does the Filter Pack work with Squash 2? Currently i don’t have either.

  3. Will it work with Squash 3 assuming i can still buy it (the pack, not Squash 3 - i know it wasn’t released yet)?

I’m interested on it because it really liked the Analog app. Thank you.

Squash 3 has not released as of yet. I suspect once it does all of your questions will be answered. :wink:

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Thanks Adam. I’m aware Squash 3 isn’t available yet (I’ve edited the original post to make it clear). I was referring to the Analog Filter Pack for Squash when i was asking if i still could buy it since the webpage seems to be unavailable.

My earlier comment stands. Just wait until v3 launches. :wink::wink::wink:

Yup, Adam is right :relaxed:

Those links are just placeholders for now. Squash 3 will be available as a public beta/early access within the next couple of weeks… stay tuned.

Got it! I will wait for the release.
Thanks Adam and Dan.

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