🎉 Announcement: Squash for Mac UPDATE: NEW BUILD!

Hey guys,

We’re now the proud owners of “Squash for Mac” - Compress and optimise images with ease. (Jpg, Gif, Png).
The public website is still here: http://www.squashformac.com

We’ve not released the new Realmac version yet, or announced it. So keep it under your hat.

I’ve got a super early beta here for you guys to use and test, don’t share it on the internet, but do use the app and give us your feedback :slight_smile:

We’ve already added a few new features and are in the process of improving the UI. You can download the Squash Beta here: Old link Removed (no registration required).

NEW BUILD 6th/Sept/2016: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.squash/157b/1473170955/Squash-157b.zip

Let me know what you think, and what other features we’re missing.

And yes the compression tech will be making it’s way to RW at some point :wink:



Yeah, great! I am owning the former squash app for Mac.

Feature request: make it compatible with Dropzone 3: https://aptonic.com

Good little app to have in your arsenal.

Initial feedback :

Crank the default compression right up. Many of the vocal forum members use imageOptim, and will compare Squashes low compression to it right of the bat. I just did a comparison with 2 or 3 png’s of varying sizes. I see roughly 2% with Squash, and 15% with imageOptim.

There may be a command line version hidden in the app bundle that will let you do stuff like this :wink:

I got my copy, very nice app!
Also an option to drag folders would be great

Dropping folders onto the app should already work!

Let us know if you’re seeing issues.

Definitely better than the previous version from the original developer.
It works now also with Dropzone 3.

Please think about following changes:

  • Create an option for not asking always for the output path
  • Do not quit the app when selecting the close button
  • support dropping folders on the icon (dropping folders on the app already works

New Build, lots of changes. You will need to manually download this one, but should get all future beta updates automatically.

Download: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.squash/157b/1473170955/Squash-157b.zip

What’s New?

  • Added an option to maximise compression (slower but results in smaller PNG files)
  • When we can’t compress an image any further, show a message saying so
  • Drag and Drop folders onto the dock icon
  • Closing the main window no longer quits Squash
  • Squash now checks for beta updates
  • Squash now appears in “Open With…” menu
  • Squash can now open Camera RAW files
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One additional remark: When the app is open, and you close it with (x), the app still running, which is good :slight_smile:

But, when clicking on the app icon in the dock, the app window does not appear again.

Version 170b

Will get that fixed!

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Finally played with your new version of Squash. I think that it may be going a little too far… The squashed version of the image is not something that I would use.

Here is a zip file that contains the original image and 2 compressed versions. One from Squash and another from JpegMini. http://d.pr/f/1eMbK

Good feedback @joeworkman, thanks!

I think we’ll add a preference to allow people to pick the level of compression they’d like :slight_smile:

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