Any ideas for Christmas decoration

(Ric) #1


I’d like to add a little holiday season sparkle to our retail business site.

In the past I’ve used the various ubiquitous snow stacks plus a few home-made GIF’s - Christmas trees flashing, Santa yo-ho-hoing, a message of ‘Goodwill to all our Clients’, - that sort of thing. All a bit crass really.

Has anyone seen anything a little more subtle, inventive, classy, that’s easily added to our home page or temporarily to the header partial?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Removed due my limit ability to read! :wink:

(Ric) #3

No disrespect here Zeebe but my question clearly states ‘I’ve used the various ubiquitous snow stacks’.
Might be worth actually reading the post before trying to get a quick advert in!!

(Jon C. Munson II) #4

Those are rather subjective terms - care to define/clarify?

(Ric) #5


  • Delicately complex and understated.
  • Showing creativity or original thought.
  • Stylish and sophisticated.

I appreciate I might be asking a lot :persevere:

(Will Woodgate) #6

Simple is best! I’ve tended to find a nice big seasonal or festive banner image works best on a webpage, for adding some festive feeling. A snowy scene, children sledging or building a snow man, Christmas lights, pine cones, fireworks, carol singers, that sort of thing etc. Text can either be ‘photoshopped in’ or if the theme supports it, you could overlay the banner with some text (if you feel text is needed).

You honestly don’t need brilliant photographic skills to capture some basic images. The one below is a quick-snap I took at a local garden centre on my iPod Touch that I’ll be using in a few websites shortly:

Neither do you need to spend a small fortune on stock images. A relatively new website called Un Splash was flagged to me by a colleague a few days ago, and this has some terrific free images, including a few festive ones:

Definitely, fake Javascript snow effects have had their day. They look cheesy, they get in the way of content and have a major impact on page loading / scrolling.

(Ric) #7

Solid advice. thanks Will. Good link too.

Subtle, inventive, classy - Antonyms - ‘Cheesy’.

(Jon C. Munson II) #8

Another link for you:

(Ric) #9

There’s a few nice images in there too, thanks. - Shutterstock eat your heart out.

(LJ) #10

I’m planning on something like willows image but placed in doobox’s Stellar stack as a gently moving background