Any specific theme or stack updates needed for RW7?

Hi Dan and Nik,

Not sure if this has been asked previously or not, but wanted to check and see if any specific updates to existing RW themes and stacks were needed for them to work with RW7?


Nope, we’re aiming to make sure everything “just works”.

There are some new goodies you can take advantage of in themes - such as banner images, site wide and per page!


There are some changes already. You’ll want to ensure any responsive themes are marked as such so they appear in the theme browser by default.

As always, our changes to the SDKs are being published to GitHub as we make them:

That document should give you all details you need. They’re all RapidWeaver 6-friendly too, so if you were to make them ahead of time, they’ll be ready for the changes in RW7 today.

These changes are continuing to be made, however - particularly regarding banner images - so while we’d obviously love for folks to take advantage of the new SDK right now, it might be best to hold off until Developer Preview 2 if you want to use the Banner Image feature.



Thanks Nik and Dan.

So will these changes still allow the theme and stacks to be used with RW5, or will this make the themes and stacks RW6+ only? Reason I ask is a large number of my user base is still on RW5 and using Stacks 2.


If your theme supports a RW7 feature, that feature (and %macro% for the feature) will only be processed in RW7 - and if you want to use such a feature, you should use the .rapidweavertheme extension, and specify in your Info.plist that the theme uses the RW7 API.

Minor PLIST updates (such as the “responsive” key) are backwards compatible.