Anyone else having problems with the IG Connect Stack?

Is anyone else having problems getting a token using the IG Connect stack? Been trying the last day or so and it’s not working.

Wondering if there’s a workaround as I need to publish a site.

I have contacted support and am awaiting a response, but wondered if anyone had the same issue with a solution.

Many thanks!

Here’s what I get.

Are you at the same point in the setup process? Says you can request a ‘manual’ invite, whatever that is.


Yep, been like that since yesterday. No change and nothing appearing in the Instagram account under apps and websites. At least I’m not going nuts!

The manual invite leads you to 1LD support page.

Exact same issue and seeing the same stack screen. No update on the IG site to accept the invite. Have contacted the developer @1LittleDesigner also.

Mine has arrived!

Mine too. :slight_smile:

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Yep, mine’s come through also!


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Sorry about the delay everyone, it looks like the invite system was down a few days ago. We caught it a little late but we did relaunch it and the pending invites were sent out. Do contact our support if you still run into any issues.

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