Are any Squash 3 Updates Available yet?

I seem to remember an email saying some features had been added to Squash 3 - is an update available … … yet? Thanks

We’ve added image watermarks, presets, powerful renaming options, new preferences and more.

We’re currently in the process of adding full metadata editing and some other nice additions, should have an update out this week :wink:

Stay tuned.

Hi Dan, thank you, but is an updated version now available? John

Version 3.0 (768) is available now and that contains image watermarking, presets and the new file renaming stuff. You can always download the latest version of Squash 3 here.

I run through presets in this video here: Squash 3 — How to use Presets - YouTube

We’re hoping to ship an update with metadata editing before the end of the week.

Hope that helps.

@MaltonHistory Update now available: Squash 3 updated with layered watermarking and more :blush:

More to come soon!

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