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I use Total CMS and Armadillo personally and for clients, but they do take a bit of time and patience to get the hang of completely.

Have you had a look at the new GO CMS stack from Nick Cates? It might be easier to set up if you’re in a hurry.

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Might want to check out this post

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mmm thank you that kinda closes that door

I haven’t yet no , thats the next on my list :slight_smile:

Thanks again , Armadillo works well and is currently running - apart from the bits above. Im not sure how to solve.
Submitting posts online is obviously very useful and these days a must.
So Ill plod on and see what happens.
Tumblr was really easy to integrate but not sure its really a suitable blog for me .
But Ive read up on them all , and still not sure really lol

Here’s 2 videos I made about Armadillo. One is very long, but may be helpful in solving your original problem:

The second is less than 5 minutes and addresses a very specific problem that can crop up if folks don’t log out when done using Armadillo. Does not happen all the time, but the solution is really easy if you do run into it:


thank you much appreciated

Just watched the videos , excellent really helped me understand a lot with what I’m dealing with.
Actually led me to solve the problems i had above. Once you get a basic understanding , its easier to solve your probs.
I would say its a “must view” for any beginner on Armadillo


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Leigh: Thanks for the kind words. I made the first run in a rush. With more thoughtfulness on my part the video could have been shorter and better. But it’s the best I could do given the time constraints at the time I made it. That said, glad it was useful!

last question on armadillo ( possibly ) when you create a new page - the text goes to the very edge of the browser page - Im presuming one would need to know some coding to set the styling up correctly.
Not sure how regular customers would do this plus who i add an image to the page it requires a full link , again am i to presume this is the address to the server where the picture is stored? how would an end user do this ,
Im not sure that this is a usable method i could put into someones site let alone my own!!
Solo content i get and works really well for me and was simple to set up . But does even that require a full link to the image again how would an end user do this ?

Nick Cates’ GoCMS is an elegant and easy way to add content online to websites. This is especially the case for those of us that have minimal knowledge of coding.

Leigh: I don’t think this is an Armadillo issue. This is determined by the theme you are using with RapidWeaver.

oh thats interesting , its foundation so i guess id need to set some width limitations on the theme, some how .

yea i saw the launch , the problem is that i invested in armadillo and JW’s Easy CMS - so I’m abit reluctant spending on yet another system. Although it may be easy to use.

Well that explains it! Regular themes already have content widths defined. But more flexible products like Foundation or Foundry require you to set the content containers yourself. The good news: you can set the width to be whatever you want!

Try putting the Armadillo stuff in a one column stack.

The theme or non theme was set to 1000 wide I think .

When armadillo creates a new page where does it draw the page settings and dimensions from ? At the moment the new page does seem to have any settings. Does it create the page from a theme page - if so how does one style that master page

Leigh: Yes, Aramadillo takes its “cue” from the theme. There’s nothing (or not much) to do in Armadillo in this regards. You’ll need to set up your Foundation container as you want, drop the relevant Aramdillo stack inside of it.

hmmm i understand that , I’m not sure how Armadillo creates a new page from within the dash board - if it draws its ‘cue’ from Foundation , that means there must be somewhere to add said information.
I dont think making a random page within the said page stack will suffice. But then I could be wrong !! again …