Armadillo Support..non

(Andy Pink) #1

I’ve just purchased Armadillo from Nimble Host.
I’ve been trying to get support for days now as it won’t install but I’ve had no response. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Jonathan Head?


(Doug Bennett) #2

I’m sure you went to the nimble host website support:
You can also tag him here: @nimblehost
There are many users here that use Armadillo so you may want to give more info on what problem you are having.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Andy: Yes, it would be helpful to know the precise problem. We Armadillo-users may be able to help. I created a long video about using Armadillo about 8 months ago (42m). Unfortunately I created it quickly and it’s not always the best quality. But as a general overview and going through initial installation steps it still might be useful. Here’s the link:

For more specific issues (aside from basic setup) we may be able to help better/quicker if you give more info.

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(Andy Pink) #4

Thanks both! I will view the video asap. Basically I have a blue folder for the stack as opposed to a yellow brick. I’ve manually dragged it to where I think it should be and it appears to be working but its not a great feeling doing it this way. I’ve spoken to Yourhead support but they say it’s really up to Armadillo to sort out…apart from recommending a few things I have done, hence my need for support. Thanks. Andy

(Jeremy Bohn) #5

The folder problem happens occasionally. This page might help you:

I bought Armadillo a few weeks ago and had an issue. Sent an email and he responded in less than 2 days.

(Andy Pink) #6

Thanks Jeremy. I did contact Yourhead as Adam suggests, but they say I need to contact Jonathan. But I’m glad you spoke to him recently, that’s reassuring. Hey maybe he’s gone on holiday! Are software developers allowed holidays?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

Of course never! :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Bohn) #8

Did that link help at all Andy?
I remember the folder problem happening to me years ago.

(Andy Pink) #9

Hey Jeremey
No not really…Im not on RW 7. But thanks.

(Jonathan Head) #10

@Andy1 Apologies for the delay - as mentioned in my reply to your support request, the issue with a stack appearing as folders (rather than a nice stack icon) is addressed on the Yourhead support site here:

As for determining if Armadillo itself is working correctly, that certainly is our responsibility, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. :slight_smile: