Auto generate Thumbnails for Linked to documents

(Rob) #1

For my family’s website, I will be linking to several different document types (.pdf, .jpg, .mov, .xls, etc). Is there a way to generate or auto generate thumbnail images for the documents our website will link to? This would be extremely helpful for my family.

My appreciation to for anyone’s advice on this matter.

(Will Woodgate) #2

There are a couple of PHP plugins / libraries available (like ImageMagik) that can generate thumbnails of files. But this is pretty high-end stuff - complicated to setup and requires some knowledge of PHP and some fairly advanced programing. Screenshots of files would definitely be quicker, easier and more reliable for a smaller website!

The other option that might work for some file types is the Live Thumb stack:

This basically creates miniaturized iFrames of webpages you link to. I would think it could work well for the PDF and image files. I don’t know how good Microsoft Office document support would be. But there is a free demo version to try.

(Rob) #3

If I used screenshots, would I need to add an image container above my hyperlink?

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