Auto Return for Website Payments (Paypal)

Soon I’ll have 4 commercial websites but Paypal seems to only cater for 1 auto return URL? Will customers from all 4 websites be returned to that URL? I already have 2 websites up and running but were Paypal enabled by somebody else, so am a bit confused - Paypal has the returning URL set to only one of the existing sites? I’m currently setting up the new sites with Payloom3 and will upgrade the existing sites to PL3 from PL2, so I could end up in a bit of a mess.

@Beeswax Most Stacks that set return URL (like Payloom3) won’t interfere with the link set in your PayPal account - they will return to the URL set in that Stack so nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

@yuzool Thank you for sharing your knowledge. actually i also have same question. I’m going to setting up paypal PDT to my nopcommerce web site. and already i have running 3 web sites with integrate same paypal account with paypal express-checkout. so I need to know what happens to those 3 web sites after I enable PDT mode on paypal. please help me.