Bad links seydesign stacks info

When i activate the link “online info” for “Sentry Base” stack from seydesign I get a wrong page ( = landing page “24H Plumber Pros”

@willwood took over the SeyDesign stuff a while back ( so maybe he can advise?

Will closed down SeyDesign and RWExtras from what I can remember. He moved all the stacks and themes to Stacks4Stacks and ThemeFlood.

It looks like Will let the SeyDesign domain expire, and someone snapped it up for the backlinks.

I didn’t realise. @waltermerckx if you’re talking about the Sentry CMS stack you’ll find some info part of the way down this page ( If you’re talking about the newer Sentry password protection stack, that’s here -

Tx, I’ve removed these old stacks from the library.

Tx, i’l have a look on both.

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