Banner image issue with CSS consolidation Off

HI guys, I’m not sure but probably I’ve found a bug in the CSS consolidation and the new banner image.
Tested project with several pages with many custom banners.
I’ve found the same issue in new themes with banner support (Offroad, Kiki and Voyager) and my new theme.

If you leave unchecked the CSS consolidation the Banner image does not work properly, Only the latest image is visible in all pages.

The issue is visible only online and not in preview.

Thanks, we’re looking into it.

Can you anyone else confirm this is an issue with the latest build? - Version 7.0 (17135b)


I made some further tests, with consolidation CSS to ON/OFF and a brand new RW7 project. (RW7 17635b)
I created a simple project with 3 pages and a custom banner for each page ( dragged in the banner field)

I tried with KIKI, VOYAGER and my LANDER

Consolidation CSS ON


Consolidation CSS OFF


Update with Version 17683

HI guys
I made some test and the problem persist

Can someone else confirm this issue? I’m the only one? :fearful:

Second update
Probably my original project was corrupted ( created in 17135b)
With a brand new project (17683) the CSS Consolidation works fine

Ah, excellent. Glad it’s all working fine now.