Banner not resizing in WeaverThemes Solitude theme

Using WeaverThemes Solitude theme, banners are not re-sizing to fit iPhone and iPad screens. For comparison, no problem when using ThemeFlood’s Retract theme.
To see this, if you go to home page on an iPhone/iPad you can see the the banner image - using the Retract theme - fits the screen. On using the same image with the Solitude theme, only a small portion (upper center) of the image fills the screen.

A further oddity: everything looks fine with Solitude theme in RW iPhone/iPad simulation mode - problem only appears with actual devices.

No problem on MacBooks, iMac.

Any suggestions? I’d prefer using the Solitude theme if possible, for a variety of reasons…but don’t want to sacrifice banner image.


I bet you can fix that with a bit of CSS that kicks in to position the image how you want it on smaller screens. Or rather, I bet @weaver could give you the CSS to do it! :sunglasses:

Thanks robb, I’m in touch with @weaver, working on it :slight_smile:

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