Basic E-Commerce with Client Access

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I have a potential client that built a website with WIX. They realize they need professional help, and came to me. They were paying WIX extra money to be able to sell event tickets on their website. I was wondering what options were available to the RW community that would allow me to build the website, but give access to the client for updating and selling their ticketed events.

There are usually no more that 3-4 events on the site at any one time. So I need a friendly e-commerce app or 3rd party solution that can be accessed outside of RW for the client to manage. Their current solution utilizes PayPal, so they already have that setup.

Here is their current WIX website.

You could try Cartloom. That seems to have the best client-access from what I’ve seen. Version 4 was just announced and the beta can be tried for free.

Edit: link here:

I was looking at that, but it may be more than my client needs.

I am almost thinking I could simply show them how to make PayPal buttons, and they could copy and past the code into a pre-defined “Solo-Conetnt” area using Armadillo. That would save them an additional $20 per month or 2% on each transaction.

I assume any 3rd party store will charge around the same price for their services. I would hate to have to build a WordPress Website and install WooCommerce. I hope their is a solid RW solution.

If all you want is payPal then I would suggest you go to the add-on area and do a search for payPal:

There’s a number of them out depending on how much you want to spend and what fueatures you want.
you have a complete paypal cart like:

or just payment only like:

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That might work. There are good payment solutions with Rapidweaver but the need to have a client manage it outside of RW makes it pretty limiting.

I saw that Pulse CMS has an integration option with Snipcart, but I haven’t looked at it in any detail.

The other option is looking through the phpjabbers scripts and see what’s available.

If they also want to have an actual pdf ticket (with barcode) I have successfully used this one with rapid weaver, you could just give them access to the admin page.