Best stack to use for splash screen with 18+ verify upon first visit to site?

hey fellas,

Looking for the newest and best option to stop people before seeing the first page to verify age.

The verify page will have:

  • the stellar stack over black in the background and take up the entire pane.
    -white logo floating in foreground with 18 + verify underneath in plain white writing.
    -Upon verifying the stars swipe up and the site slides up from the bottom.

How might one achieve this effect? I’m betting it is a few stacks that already exist. Some CSS or JS? Any help pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated

Positive Note*
I’ve already been able to come up with a more than decent first page better than what a $500 site design in wordpress could achieve so this is going really well. I have some gripes about the program and could walk through the difficult obstacles in the U I. but regardless things are progressing better than any other design option as of yet.

Would a form of password protection help?

Hi Mark,
From what I can tell password protection only creates secure password protected areas. I’m looking for a landing/splash page that makes each i.p verify once. An interception from the main site or any other pages so thre is no sneaking in without verification.
The performance would be exactly as noted n the original message. This should be a very basic and simple effect to get the feel for the idea.
This is a very useful stack for many.

Seems like something joe had mentioned. Joe gave me a tip to fade out some content. There is an image offset function that I am going to attempt to use for a diagram that separates.Maybe an entire page can scroll up and fadeout simultaneously when the verification is complete?

please note
This site is for a therapeutic device and not anything consumable or illegal (or adult in nature) this is a friendly rated “teen” site. Have to comply to laws which means having an age verification upon first visit.

Mixing a full page splash screen with the verify is nice. to fade it into the home page would be nice too.


Have you two needs here?

One the behaviour of the ‘splash’ screen, which - as you say, is not difficult to achieve with the right Stack, and

Two the verification?

Maybe the latter can be achieved by some form of cookie management?

Or this?

correct. just picturing the entire thing together; the end resulting in a flowing and complete piece.

I forgot to add : Doobox has the splash stack. It is just limited and rapid weaver should come with a splash screen stack!

Again to reiterate…

land on page with giant logo floating in middle. Logo is white with white writing underneath floating over a background image that takes up the entire screen.

upon verifying age, the screen zooms up pulling the home page behind it coming up from the bottom.

this is a very typical effect for a splash / verify page from what I have seen browsing around on the internet

Suggest you work on separating design/appearance from functionality because what you choose for the one almost certainly will be independent from what you choose for the other.

A Stack for the cookie management, visitors who declare themselves 18 years or over

A Stack to act as your splash/introductory page/screen

Both PlusKit and Houdini could well allow combining the two. Good luck!

good ideas. You make it sound easy!

  1. cookie manager for 18+
    2.splash page + exit splash page behavior

thought: There would have to be some way to manage which pages are secure right?
a third element?

Yes - I do think it’ll be easier to separate the two sides of the project…

That’s where Lockdown comes in :slight_smile:

wouldn’t lockdown block search engines / seo info?

I would have thought all password-protections systems do, Yes.

This project doesn’t have any kind of password protection needs. Never mentioned it. that would be going a step too far.


A splash screen that includes an age verification with a yes or no and a similar yes and no for the rest of the site if the person comes in through another page. .

gotta leave the entire site searchable

In Other Words, Kurt, you want to intercept the serving of any and every page with an overlay?

You’re not checking whether those who say that they are 18 years old or over are telling the truth, are you?

Are you in any way recording their answers - say in a database which also collects an IP address?

If they answer Yes on any page, you proceed to serve them the page in question; if they answer No, what happens?

Do you want to use cookies in order to prevent them from having to answer Yes or No on every page?

Could Joe Workman’s Cookie Jar be adapted? Its text can be changed. And it might be possible to place it inside a LightBox.

Little late to the party, but you could use Joe’s Expose stack and follow this FAQ

Good news:
received an estimate on the actual job.
That means the coding delivered with the utility mentioned.

10-16 hours at 50-60 dollars an hour.

That equates to roughly 500-1000 dollars for a splash page.

This stack would obviously be extremely useful for many folks. Anyone have any ideas? How about crowd fund the effort and I’ll have the stack built and will share with all participants?

I can’t afford the job itself but I can guarantee the stack will be amazing.

(coded by one of the main developers found in the plugins store)

Look at this!
I had this saved from my first research…

This has a cookie and also blackens the screen.

Now if only this stack included the ability to modify that black screen and upon verifying the screen swipes up similar to the way it is done in what i believe is “screens” stack.

Also noticed with many of the other stacks there is no good reason this isn’t combined yet!

Especially with the constant moving background of one of the stacks included in the slides bundle. The effects are there and the coding is there for exactly what I’m talking about. I’m about to learn how to code to put these three elements together