Beware Yuzoolthemes

Although this thread was created to shed light on @yuzool’s questionable (trying to be diplomatic) practice, I am pleased it has taken a postive spin too. I would thoroughly agree on @joeworkman, tav and isaiah being positive shining lights in the murk.

I think part of your frustration with @yuzool is this is evidence of the limited marketshare that RapidWeaver offers.

In my opinion, the greatest improvement in RW started first with the release of the Blocks plugin by @isaiah followed by the absolutely amazing Stacks plug in.

The release of Stacks created a huge opportunity for development of stacks for Stacks, and @yuzool was among the most prolific–often at very reasonable costs, but there’s still a limited market for RW and thus Stacks, and people have to eat, even developers.

I still believe the most untapped potential for RapidWeaver would be as the strongest tool for maximizing SEO in web design, which would drive ever greater and greater demand for RapidWeaver-built sites, making such sites the most sought after brand for building sites, i.e., instead of a Wordpress site or a Squarespace site, end users/site owners would demand RapidWeaver-built sites.

Strengthening the SEO capability can drive the RW brand, which will grow the user base for RW, then Stacks, then the demand for stacks for Stacks–and even further development of RapidWeaver beyond Stacks.

This would motivate @yuzool to be more active. Right now he’s obviously not. I know it’s disappointing because Michael’s a nice guy.


With all due respect to the experience of various web designers with Yuzool, maybe these shortcomings have other explanations which are unknown to the outsider.
In summer 2019 Yuzool sent out some good advice, esp. for newcomers, such as:

Lesson 1 Images retina and image optimisation.rtf
Lesson 2 Hosting, security and SSL Certs.rtf
Lesson 3 Search Engine Optimisation.rtf
Lesson 4- Editing your RapidWeaver sites online.rtfd
Lesson 5- Selling in RapidWeaver.rtfd

Hopefully they get things alright again over there at YZ !


my little penny, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

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OmarKN, can you provide links to Lessons 1-5?

Those lessons were sent by email,
how to send them?


Ben -

You are spot on. I was surprised to see my subscription renewed without notice last year. Yuzool claims they send out a warning notice which allows cancellation. Didn’t happen. I’ve recently logged on to the dashboard and discovered you can’t cancel there either. Yuzool needs to fix this and soon. Yuzool products seem fine, but their business practices are more than a bit sketchy. Like you, I’d advise everyone to stay away till they fix their act.


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This is not to do with things that we may not be aware of. This is completely about borderline fraudulent business practice and not about whether or not they have provided instructions/guidance for their product. They have taken my money, and by the looks of it, other people’s hard-earned money when they shouldn’t have. The accounts were cancelled through their own website and they have still continued to collect the subscriptions. When contacted they ignore it and have not yet shown any sign of refunding. This is all despite the terms and conditions on their own website guiding users to following this course of action to make cancellations.

All this is awful.

Keep on contacting them, and there should be better consumer protection enforced by law.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

My experience with @yuzool in the past is not one that i liked, because how i was treated as a client made me make decide i would never do business with them anymore. I lost by them a lot of time, money…and a client. In the RW community there are a lot of trustful deliverers of awesome products for RW, maybe it is time to rate these deliverers not only on their product, but also on their service and support. Because does not matter how big the RW market is, a deliverer sells a product and also must deliver some support with it if needed. By my opinion we must have a way to see how trustful or how good our RW deliverers are.

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Rating of developers on their product and support merits would certainly be extremely helpful for users of this forum, but it would border on politics and—sadly—I don’t think RealMac would allow that. Perhaps on another forum?..


You are right, Realmac does not allow it. I was banned already here 2 times because i was communicatiing about the mentioned developer who did not refund me after its product just did not function. I asked Realmac if they could add this rating, but they said what was there now is enough. My opinion is still that it is not enough is some cases. But ok, i banned that developer and only do business with the trustful ones… it only cost frustration, money and time (sometimes a client) to found out who are these trustful ones.

Not sure what forum would be objective. There is no RUG(Rapidweaver User Group) that’s independent of all developers. For a rating to have any value, it would need to be independent and moderated by someone outside.

I think each person has different experiences with various vendors. My experience is most do a pretty good job.

As for Michael(@yuzool), he has appeared to have left RapidWeaver. His last post, both here and over on RW4ALL (where he has his a category for support), was October 10th.

The only mention is complaints, perhaps @dan has a way to contact him. It is in the best interest of RapidWeaver’s reputation not to have a vendor that’s not responsive.


I know a number of members here are saying negative things about Yuzoolthemes but my experience is otherwise.
On the one occasion I had an issue with a purchase, I found the response to be both timely and positive.


Unlike some others, and the delay in responding (or sometimes unanswered), my overall experience with @yuzool, Michael, is good and satisfying. I hope that Michael will join the RW activity again, or that some other developer can take over ‘Yuzoolthemes’, since it has very good products :ok_hand:


Cancel through PayPal

I have also had nothing but good interactions with the @yuzool team over the years. I don’t know what is going on with the RapidWeaver side of his business, but on the Pulse side I do know that there have been several changes recently, and they have added more customer support over the last few months, and Pulse itself has had a few recent updates. Hopefully they do the same here for RapidWeaver.


Hi all,

I’m going to add to this warning. In additional to getting no response from Yuzool to multiple stack-related inquiries, I also signed up to an SEO-related product by the same developer. In that, there was data published to the public web that was not disclosed in advance, and I wrote MANY times about it, with no response. I tried to cancel the account, but there was no way to do it, and my emails about that were also ignored. I even wrote to the developer through Yuzool email addresses in an attempt to reach them.

Not only was my account not cancelled – I was charged again for a renewal with no warning or notification! After more emails with never a single response, I had to dispute the charge with my credit card. In a dispute, they contact the merchant – but even the card company was unable to get a response. Ultimately they had me cancel the card to avoid future charges, which of course is a huge hassle.

It baffles me how new products still got released from them, with these kinds of business practices and serious financial issues.

Rovertek’s list is spot on. Those are stellar developers, and I have had terrific experiences with several of them, both the products and the interactions & support.

Yuzool is not at all representative of the RW developers community. Balance the feedback here for yourself, of course, but I believe you do business with them at your own risk.


I feel your pain, Ben.

I had a brief look at the Yuzool website, which interestingly doesn’t have any “Contact Us” page, nor any postal address - just products and checkout.

I use Trustpilot a lot in order to verify whether sites are bonafide, or not, as well as to hear the experience of others. You may wish to consider sharing your experience on this independent platform.

Keep this thread alive and let us all know how things progress.

Best of luck to you.

While reminiscing about @yuzool’s glorious past is valiant, have you considered that things appear to have changed?

How many of you have heard from @Yuzool recently? Recommending someone who seems to have done a runner with people’s hard earned cash is something I wouldn’t endorse.

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For those who have had issues, have you contacted the Better Business Bureau?