Beware Yuzoolthemes

I’m not sure how you can honestly say that the cases are already closed! You haven’t addressed ANY of them.

In my case, at the start of THIS YEAR, you auto-renewed my subscription despite me using your portal a month before to cancel (as your own T&Cs suggest to do). I contacted you, as soon as I saw it, through the support email, billing email and forum. I still have not had a response.

If you are serious about people trusting you, perhaps address the cases like mine (and others on this thread) with an appropriate and honourable response. Either it is:

  • a genuine error caused by a bug in your portal - in which case, make it right with a refund
  • your business practice and you are underlining the contributors to this thread, who have had a poor experience, points.

I look forward to your response

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Lots of bad press @yuzool! I’ll be steering clear!

Perhaps there’s a coronavirus issue going on. @yuzool is in Asia.

This has been going on for much longer.


Any news of Yuzool? Is he still active on Rapidweaver?

I would say NO!

Last post on this forum was his reply on Jan. 26th after @dan tracked him down. Prior to that October 10th of last year.

On RW4All where he has a separate support category he hasn’t replied or posted since October 10th as well.

He obviously isn’t doing RapidWeaver anymore other then selling unsupported stuff.

I understand developers move on from doing RapidWeaver but most have the decency to turnover their stuff to another developer or at minimum stop collecting money.


Ironically, I received an email from Yuzool about their ‘response and commitment to the Rapidweaver community’ regarding COVID-19. Still nothing on this or any other forum for some considerable time. I live in hope that Michael might, one day, directly address the issues raised. Until then, I stick by my view that @yuzool should be avoided at all costs


I really don’t understand this. I had an excellent connection with Michael and worked with him on some projects. He’s normally very professional and really into his products. Not responding to any questions is really a lack of respect. Hope he will turn this around but I have my doubts. Makes me sad, he’s a really nice guy.


@gille I agree, Michael seemed to be a professional, nice guy. If you look back through this thread, he has been tagged and actively encouraged to join the conversation but he has not shown the respect/honour to provide any meaningful response. Whilst I still hold hope this gets resolved, I have a feeling that it won’t be.


I really don’t think that expletives such as “conned”, “no respect”, “no decency” or “no honour” should be used in this case.

Nobody knows what his reasons are for an inactivity. Sometimes, we can not control life’s dire circumstances and it is entirely possible that Yuzool found himself in such circumstances. Until we know for sure what’s going on with him, we should refrain from attacking him and simply avoid his business.


This thread was started on Jan 12. During this time @yuzool has made a response on this (so is clearly still active and viewing it) but it didn’t choose to address anything. He has also conducted two marketing campaigns that I have been on his mailing list for. He has been consistently tagged and, in my opinion, given the opportunity to respond. This is all in addition to mail to the support and billing addresses. I wholeheartedly appreciate that we can’t know the full circumstances however, the longer time passes (and we’re already at over 3 months), the more dire it looks.

As I put in my previous post, I still hope that he will respond to resolve the issues, I just have ever-growing doubt that it will happen. If I get a meaningful response, I will happily post to confirm that I have received such.

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… wise words. Totally agree :+1:


@yuzool Just to be clear… I am still waiting for a response. I’m not sure which threads you say my case relates to that show as closed as you haven’t responded to me in any way and I consider it very much active and ongoing!

If you are still there, and I would like to trust in you (but find it difficult given the complete absence of communication), please provide me with a response. You have taken my money for a product that I cancelled, through your website, as per your T&Cs and I simply would like that money back.

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whatever may have happened I think you can find a way to write a post so I’ll stick with being upset

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Same here, plugin doesn’t work. No replies whatsoever.

IMHO I really think it’s reached the point where Yuzool products should be removed from the RW Community site. Michael’s lack of support and presence here is creating a very poor impression, especially for people coming to RW for the first time.

@Ben @Dan


Yes, I’d agree with this.

We’re also working on a few updates to the Community site now to make sure add-ons that are not updated/supported are hidden from view.

Can’t say when this change will go live, but hopefully it’ll be soon…



Wow. Really heartbreaking. Very disappointed in @yuzool.

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Last year i got a temporary ban on this forum because i spoke out my opinion about Yuzool. It seams this year i was right after all. Sad it went to this with Yuzool, but i am glad steps are be made to protect us as client against fraud, no support and bad treatment from developer towards customers. I hope for the best!